New Store Projects: One Skein Cowls

I’m sorry it’s taken so long to show off the store knits, we’ve been up to our ears in work (ie. yarn) and haven’t had a chance to breathe, let alone take pictures and publish them.

People often ask me what is my favourite project to knit, and from the samples below it appears to be cowls, mostly because they are a fun way to see how a yarn knits up. Behold, a selection of One Skein Cowls – all freebies, all pretty simple.

Bulky Mobius Cowl

Malabrigo Rasta always surprises me. The colourways always knits up lighter, brighter, and prettier than they look in the skein. 

I kinds really love this new yarn, Berroco Borealis Tweed. It is of course soft and very scarf worthy. In the skein the texture looks very consistent, but knit up it has a bit of a mind of it’s own (although far from a slubby yarn). It knitted up BEAUTIFULLY, the colour distribution is nice, and the colours really pop. It seems to do well in simple stitches, like a K2P2 rib, stocking stitch, brioche stitch, etc. It’s definitely design-worthy (ie. I have a hankering to design with it). 

Like it’s cousin, above, Berroco Borealis is soft, has great colour, and knits up beautifully. I don’t think the welts in the Easy Mobius Cowl show it off to it’s best effect, simple stitches seem to be key (see note above).

This is the second season we’ve carried Malabrigo Mecha, I was already familiar with it, but clearly not familiar enough because it looks AMAZING worked up in the  Easy Mobius Cowl. Who knew? And like it’s cousin Rasta, above,  the colourways always knit up lighter, brighter, and prettier than they look in the skein. 

Yup, Malabrigo Mecha definitely rocks the Mobius. 

Good old Malabrigo Chunky, you get the job done every time! Is there anything you can’t do?