Unicorn Dreams & Colour Palettes

I don’t know about you, but I love looking at rainbowy, colour combined projects. They’re rainbow eye-candy. People keep asking me what Madeline Tosh Unicorn Tails are used for, and the best, most all encompassing answer is eye-candy. That said, I don’t often wear all the colours of the rainbow at the same time. Most people don’t, so I’ve assembled some colour combinations that work together. They’re still colourful, but a slightly restricted palette.

Madeline Tosh shades are kind of tricky, they don’t all compliment each other. The colour combinations I’ve assembled are based on skeins I ogled and considered for long stretches and that actually compliment each other in real life. If you feel like I neglected some colours palettes it’s because I didn’t feel the actual skeins worked well together.  This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use those colours, they’re just outliers to my eye. Please note: based on the actual dye lots we received, the colours Onyx and Dirty Panther are very close and are almost indistinguishable.

A regular scarf would normally require about 200g/400m of fingering weight yarn.

Photo: Westknits
Photo: Madeline Tosh