Moving Progress in Pictures

After a long day moving, shelving, assembling, cleaning, and putting out fires (not literally), we thought you might like to see our progress. Here are some pics of the new store from Wednesday at mid-afternoon.

Wednesday 4

The north wall.

What we accomplished on Wednesday

  • spinning needle racks assembled (many thanks to Rob and Suki!)
  • shelved overstock Berroco Vintage & inventoried it
  • ate Macarons for breakfast (Suki, you really are a GODDESS)
  • some needles displayed (found out I didn’t order enough hooks for the spinning racks)
  • ordered more hooks & an extra spinning rack
  • chairs assembled (kudos to Liane!)
  • set up the POS system (aka. tamed a sea of wires)
  • set up the debit/credit machine & hardwired it to the internet
  • lost the end-cap to my electric screwdriver
  • emailed my cousin to see if he could 3-D print a new end-cap to my electric screwdriver
  • emailed the company to see if they could sen me a new the end-cap to my electric screwdriver
  • dug through the garbage and found the end-cap to my electric screwdriver!
  • brought table over from old store & decided on furniture orientation
  • much dusting & vaccuming
  • tried to choose colour for front door & sign frame (too tired, maybe tomorrow)
  • put out SO MUCH recycling!
Wednesday 2

Liane assembling new chairs.

Wednesday 1

The south wall.

Wednesday 3

The cash desk & west wall (store samples, books & magazines).