What is an Open Workshop?

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Open Workshop & Project Help

We’re always offering different kinds of classes and workshops, but with people’s schedules being what they are and their interests being diverse, sometimes it’s hard to sync up. To help remedy this situation we try to regularly offer Open Workshop Classes! In an Open Workshop you are the boss, you can do almost anything you want (unfortunately, the open class isn’t suitable for absolute beginners). You can work on just about anything: learn something new, make something you’ve been keen to wear, get help getting through a project you’re having problems with, or get finishing help. If you want to take a class but don’t know what to make that’s ok too, we’ll chat, figure out where your skills are at and make a suggestion for something suitable at the next level.

Each session is one-time only, so you can register for the number of classes you need, and take them at the pace you need them. You can bring your own materials, but we sell everything you’ll ever need and you receive 10% off all materials during your class.

Take advantage of our Open Workshop Classes, they’re affordable an fun!


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