FREEBIE Simple House Slippers


Simple House Slippers

Slippers make an awesome winter gift – they’re infinitely useful, fast to make, and son’t use a ton of yarn. There are lots of free slipper patterns floating around the internet, and I’ll post a few different styles going forward, but I like the simple, rustic style of these Simple House Slippers. You can make them with a single strand of a worsted weight wool like Cascade 220 Superwash or Malabrigo Rios, or create some colour effects with two strands of a sock/fingering weight yarn held together (try Manos Alegria). Generally, I prefer to use a soft wool yarn for anything that goes directly on feet – wool absorbs moisture without making your feet feel cold or creating excess smell (ie. wool socks & slippers don’t get super smelly like synthetic or plant fibres).  It’s also always nice to put something on the bottom of slippers like Slipper Bottoms or Anti-Slip to limit the amount of slip.

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