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FREE Magazines & Patterns

Along with yarns for donation, people drop off knitting & crochet magazines and pattern booklets, which are often left behind after our Yarn Swap. Since they tend to pile up and they get a bit heavy and unwieldy to store, we are going to start offering them in store for FREE. We will not be offering these freebies in our online store, but when you come and visit us in person please feel free to browse them and take what you like – GRATIS.


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Yarn Swap

Sunday, April 23rd from 1 to 3 pm

Speaking of Yarn Swaps, I’m just getting ready for our next swap, this weekend! Just a gentle reminder, when you drop off yarn for donation *please* make sure it is in a SEALED plastic bag (either Ziplock or garbage bag) – this protocol is to help protect us against infestation, and it also helps to re-home your yarns by keeping them clean and tidy. (Please note, donors who are disabled or infirm do not need to go to all this trouble to hermetically seal their yarns – don’t do yourself in running around trying to get your yarn ready to be to repatriated,  we’re happy to handle it.)

  • Natural Fibres are best stored in separate Ziplock bags (group like yarns in each bag)
  • Synthetics are good in a garbage or recycling bag that is tied at the top

Swap Hacks

  • Try to bag your yarns that are being donated. If you are feeling organizey you can label them too.
  • ALWAYS bag and freeze yarns you bring home from a swap.
  • Be gentle and play nice with other swappers; relationships are more important than string!