Knit-O-Matic Tupperware Party!


Millennials are bringing classics back, including Tupperware Parties! If you didn’t grow up in the 70s & 80s you may not be as familiar with Tupperware brand products as Baby Boomers & Gen-Xers. Tupperware is known for extremely high-quality kitchen products that WORK. Tupperware is NOT a disposable product, you only buy a Tupperware product once, they last for life and come with alifetime warranty. They’re safe, BPA free, and are made from virgin ingredients (no recycled plastics which can leech chemicals).

Tupperware is not marketed like regular commercial products. They don’t sink tons of money into advertising, marketing and corporate deals with retailers (yup, manufacturers pay for shelf space in large retailers). Instead, they sell through individual sales reps – they’ve been empowering and offering women career opportunities since their inception.  Before the advent of the internet, Tupperware was historically sold through parties held by sales reps. While I love shopping online, as a retailer I appreciate that the human element is special. Sales people don’t just want to sell you something, we have the knowledge and experience to help you get what you NEED, and do it fast. I like my apple gadgets, but the human brain is still my favourite type of computer.

If you do remember Tupperware, you might think of it as something suitable for families. But they have lots of options for singletons and aparmtment & condo dwellers.


Excellent Question! A knitting and food storage isn’t really a natural pairing. Well, it’s a short-long story. Short version: everyone needs to eat.

The Long Version: a few years ago my mom went to a Tupperware Party and a friend’s house and bought me a lunch container for my salads (I’m a salad person). When my mom gave it to me I thought it was cute, but after using it continuously for at least a year I swear by the thing! It’s perfectly designed, everything is just the right size for a lunch salad, it never leaks, washes easily, and still looks like it did the day I got it. At the same party, my mother got herself some special containers to keep fruits & veggies fresh, and after a year of use she swears by them! My mom is a cynic, so I figured they had been properly vetted, and as a salad person I wanted my leafy greens to last longer. So when I found out that an old friend of mine was selling Tupperware, I thought “Great! We can have a little retro fun, throw a party in the slow season, and I’ll buy myself some containers.” And then the special containers went on sale …. there was a 2 for 1, and my brother’s birthday is coming up, soooo …. I bought them. AND THEY ARE AWESOME! I Love them so much I LURV them! When they arrived at the store my assistant, Liane, looked at my containers longingly, she told me a sorrowful story about a nefarious roommate stealing her Tupperware …. so instead of saving the second set for my brother, I gave them to Liane. And SHE LOVES THEM!

Anyway, it’s a slow time of year, and I need to buy some quality containers for my freezer (I’m clutzy, I drop everything, and all of the other brands of containers always shatter), I can’t be the only person who could use a few kitchen solutions, so I figured, let’s have a Tupperware Party in the store! The Tupper-people will bring us some food, show us some stuff, I’ll buy my freezer containers, and we’ll hang out & knit!

NOTE: We do NOT sell Tupperware. We are NOT Tupperware consultants, we will NOT be selling Tupperware. If you want to connect with a Tupperware consultant I refer you to our Tupper-people, Lisa & Curtis.


Saturday July 29, 1pm – 2:30pm (we can go later if we want)


HERE! Knit-O-Matic, 1382 Bathurst St, Toronto Ontario


RSVP is completely necessary, but it’ll help us estimate how much food to bring.Please let us know if you have any deathly food allergies, and if there is anything specific you want our Tupper-people to bing so you can see it in person (like, I don’t know, the ice shaver or the pressure cooker): RSVP HERE 

Can’t Make It?

Can’t Make it but still want in on the fun? No problem, Tupperware has a full e-commerce website, you can shop online HERE. (I think the shipping might be a little bit more when you buy online – when you buy in person through our Tupperware couple, Lisa & Curtis, it’s only $3.95 per order)

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