TICK-TOCK I got me a knitting clock!

I just wanted to introduce you to (ahem, show off) a the new member of our little family – the knitting clock! The clock is on loan from a friend of my dear friends Mildred & Trevor. It knits one stitch every 5 minutes, so it’ll be a while before it makes it way’s through an entire scarf.

The original “Knitting Clock” was the brainchild of designer Sirene Elise Wilhemlsen in 2010. To the best of my understanding, our clock’s author is a bit of a renaissance man and built it because he wanted one, and working models weren’t available for purchase from the designer. I don’t know if he’ll make any more, but if you want to buy one you can leave your contact info in the comments and if he’s interested I’ll direct him there.

7 thoughts on “TICK-TOCK I got me a knitting clock!

  1. Martina

    OMG- I’m not sure if I could afford one but I’d love to know the price in case it’s not a crazy amount,lol


  2. Aaron

    I am very interested learning morning about pricing and possible availability. Please contact me with any updates. Thank you!


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