NEW Firefly Markers & Bags

Firefly Stitch Markers

Firefly Stitch Markers are the most beautiful and useful no-snag stitch markers we’ve ever seen, and we fell in love immediately! They come in different sizes and colours (details listed below), and some come with an extra marker that looks different, to mark your place in your work (like the beginning of your round). Nickel free, Made in Canada.

Firefly Project Bags

Firefly Drawstring Project Bags are adorable and practical! Made from 100% cotton, each bag measures is large enough to hold a small to medium size project. Plus it’s made right here in Canada! They make great for knitters & crocheters.

  • 100% Cotton
  • 8″(20cm) wide, 10″(25cm) high
  • digitally printed
  • Made in Canda

3 thoughts on “NEW Firefly Markers & Bags

  1. Marie

    I was looking to purchase some of the raindrop and star stitch markers, but only the kittens come up. Any idea when you might have more of these or remedy my ability to order them?

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