We sold out TWICE, and you seem to be in love with the natural coloured ones, so we’ve restocked them!

Wrist Rulers

If you find yourself always needing to measure things when you’re on the go, this is the perfect product for you! Wrist Rulers are stylish leather wristbands with engraved measurements, both in inches and centimetre measurements. Wrist Ruler is made in the US

Leather Wrist Rulers

Leather Wrist Rulers come in natural leather, as well as colours, and are sized. Sizes are based on wrapping around your wrist twice. Give it extra length depending on how loosely you want to wear it. They recommend allowing an extra 1/2 inch for the stud closure. My wrist is 16cm/6.25″ (measured around the knobby part that sticks out), and the 16″/40cm Wrist ruler fits comfortably – it’s loose enough to move up and down, but it isn’t loose enough to fall off my wrist. The 17″/43cm size is loose enough to easily slip off over my wrist.

Rubber Wrist Rulers

The “Rubber” Wrist Rulers are an affordable alternative to their leather cousins. They are actually made of silicone, and are currently available in yellow and black. It’s a great Vegan alternative to the leather Wrist Ruler, its waterproof and can go anywhere! Rubber Wrist rulers come in one size and are adjustable (kind of like a belt). The full length is 18″/48cm.

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