STORE SAMPLE Deschain in Estiva

Descahin in Estiva

Last week I introduced you to Berroco Estiva, and you liked it a lot! This week, I get to show off our first store sample made with Estiva, the Deschain pullover. The top mmakes a great summer cover-up, and is extremely to wear with a tank underneath. I love the idea of wearing the grey top with a pop of bright colour worn underneath.

The pattern was designed a few years ago by Quince & Co for their organic linen yarn, Kestrel (which is also stunning and I love and we sell and makes me very happy). But the pattern looks equally awesome made with a new bulky weight cotton yarn, Berroco Estiva. Estiva isn’t as heavy as linen, and while it has some drape, it holds a surprising amount of body, and doesn’t grow as dramatically as linen.

We made ours with 6mm/US10 needles, and that was a mistake, our tension was way too tight. I suggest you go up to a 7mm/US10.75 needle, and check your tension.

The construction is fairly simple, The pieces are all rectangular and are seamed together. It’s not a bad project for an intermediate or advanced beginner knitter who wants to try lace, and make an actual sweater. Intermediate knitters should be able to wiz through, it makes for some nice, fast summer knitting).

Note: you might need to work extra pattern repeats to get your sweater long enough. While you are working, hold it up to your body as you go (for a size small you might need to knit extra length to get good coverage).


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