THANK YOU For Your Donations to Streetknit

I just wanted to take a minute and thank everyone who knits or crochets for Streetknit. Streetknit is a group of volunteers who make and collect hand knits and distribute them to local shelters. The mostly collect outerwear, like hand made hats, mitts and scarves, but they also make blankets that go to women who are getting ready to leave the shelter system and move into a home of their own. When you bring your leftover yarn to our store a good portion of it goes to Streetknit (the rest goes to Sistering, school groups, and other small volunteer groups looking for yarn to knit donations).

This beautiful pile of hats was made by a client and friend, Jayme. Jayme took a year off to go back to school and change careers, and while in school she knitted hats – lots and lots of hats! I’d like to express my gratitude to Jayme and all the other people who knit and crochet for those less fortunate and donate their time and energy to organize and distribute the donations. Objects that are made by a caring person are special, our love and compassion goes into them. Sending them to someone suffering helps remind them that they are special, important and lovable, and it comes at a time in their life when they need it the most. Please pat yourself on the back (or the belly if you are currently lying down), your contribution is meaningful and appreciated.

If you’d like to donate your hand knits you can drop them off at our store, or check out Streetknit to find other drop-off points. If you have time to donate and wheels (a car) they could probably use some help distributing donations to different parts of the city.

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