COVID Mask Mates For Healthcare Workers

Mask Mates For Healthcare Workers

I received an animated call from a friend the other day, something to the effect of “Haley!!! The big *hand made craft thing* going around the hospital are these things that hold masks …. ” I don’t remember much of what followed, I kind of got stuck on the idea that there was a crafting trend going around a hospital, like a middle school jelly bracelet tend or cabbage patch kids. The crafty trendy mask things are worn at the back of the head, the mask hooks around the buttons, it’s kind of like a mask extender. Anyway, these little doohickies are very popular with the medical set right now, and I thought “Hey, do they need them? Would they appreciate it if people who are stuck at home made them some?” My friend checked in with the hospital department boss person and they replied “Ummm … YES PLEASE!!!!”

So, if you are interested in making a contribution, I’d love to receive your hand-made ‘Mask Mates’ (they also go by the alias of ‘Ear Savers’) and I’ll pass them on to my friend who will take them to the hospital and distribute them.

Here are the project requirements:

  • They have to be made with a yarn that is seriously machine wash and dryable at high heat, like Lily Sugar & Cream craft cotton
  • The fabric should not stretch, and we decided that a dense crochet stitch is ideal – a 4mm//G or 4.5mm/US7 crochet hook is good and a pattern like the free Mask Mates Ear Saver.
  • The buttons should be 0.75″ to 1″ (20mm to 25mm) wide
  • Drop them off or mail them to us at Knit-O-Matic
Photo by Willow Designs

I also stumbled across this pattern for extremely adorable ear savers, which you can purchase individually or as a collection/ebook. They brightened my day, and I thought they might do the same for healthcare workers and their patients. Joni Memmott/BriAbby and Glenna Gordon both also have some really adorable Mask Mate patterns.

xox Haley

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