COVID Update – Slow Shopping

Good News!

Just a quick update on the status of the store vis-a-vis COVID … things have been working well, the protocols put in place seem to be keeping everyone safe – I’ve come to think of it as “Slow Shopping”. Some of you have told me that coming into the store has been your first venture out since the lock-down started, and I can’t tell you how grateful that makes me feel.

I’ve been directed that things have progressed to the point where we can safely have two clients in the store at the same time, with masks, using hand sanitizer, and maintaining physical distance. Yay!!!! I’m not used to having too many people around, but I’ll get used to it again.

Walk-in Shopping: Yes!

Things seemed to have slowed down enough with the weather and the time of year that I don’t think we need to have a controlled entry anymore. There is no longer any need to book an appointment before coming in, the door is open, and there is no time limit. TWO customers (from different households) are allowed in the store at a time.

Masks & Hand Cleaning: YES!!!

I know many people find them uncomfortable, but wearing a mask is still a MUST in the store (a study just came out connecting the wearing of masks to substantially lower death rates). We also have a big container of some very nice smelling hand sanitizer produced by a company that normally makes organic apple cider vinegar, please make use fo it, I don’t mind buying more. If you’d like to wash your hands, you can use out bathroom, we have nice smelling organic citrus soap and disposable hand towels for you.

Cash: Nope

Paying by cash falls under “not touching other peoples stuff”. COVID does not like living on textiles or other fibrous materials like paper, but it does get along quite nicely with smooth, flat surfaces like plastic and metal. For the time being we are only accepting credit and debit (or apple pay, google pay, etc), and we appreciate it if you have ‘tap’ enabled (although I clean the machine after every transaction, regardless of whether it has been touched by the hand of man).

Support: Yes, No and Maybe

Unfortunately, we still can’t offer any support where we touch your materials, or are within 2m of you. If you need help with something we can eyeball it and talk you through it, but it’ll have to be from the other side of a table. Support is by appointment, which you can book HERE. As always, our support is free for something quick & easy, and more in-depth work is $4.97/20 minutes.

Classes: Nope

Classes, private and group, are still cancelled until it is feasible for people to be within a foot of each other – sorry.

Winding Yarn: Yes

Yes, we are happy to wind your yarn! If it looks like it will take a while you can leave it with us and come back for it (our neighbours on the corner sell nice plants and flowers, and we are located in an ice-cream district).

Returns and Exchanges: Yes

Returns and exchanges are ok – COVID doesn’t tend to survive well or for very long on porous surfaces like textiles.

Shipping and Curbside Pick-Up: YES!

Shipping and curbside pick-up are still going strong and are great options. All the details for curbside pick-up are HERE, but it’s working smoothly and we are always flexible. If you order a colour you don’t like, you can exchange it, no problem. If you’d like your yarn wound, please tell up, we’re happy to do that too. Our shipping pick-up is approximately 3 pm from Monday to Friday, so if you get your order in by 2 pm on a weekday it should ship the same day. Canada Post has lowered its commercial rates during COVID, so that’s a bonus too.

Thank you for your patience, you’ve been troopers, and I know you’ll continue to be.

Much Love,


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