Since life this year is a little inside-out, backwards and upside down, I’m extending our Summer Sale another couple of weeks. You can shop in-store or online, and you can have your orders shipped or pick-ed up.


Good news – our COVID strategy seems to be working smoothly and well! Now that we’ve had a little experience I’m going to try expanding the number of clients allowed in the store from two to THREE! I know, it’s not a dramatic shift, but I want to stay conservative and cautious. We’ve had a lot of clients come in and tell us that we are the first store they’ve visited, or that other than the grocery and the drug store we are the only store they visit. We also have a goodly number of seniors who have visited us. Your trust t is an *immense* compliment, I am grateful, thank you!


Adding to the uncertainly fo the times, COVID has unfortunately disrupted the fluid availability of yarns coming out of South America, especially Peru. For a while their manufacturing has been reduced to 30% their normal output, and while they seem to have passed the peak of the first wave, distributors expect disruptions this fall. For us hobbyists, this means that there are probably going to be shortages of the most popular colours (usually the greys, black, off-white), and we won’t be able to reliably tell you when more will be available. It also means that we aren’t receiving all the colours we have ordered (our Malabrigo order had many gaps). My best advice this fall is that if it’s available and you want it, then buy it – especially if you need it to finish your project.


That said, constraints can open up exciting opportunities if you lean into them! Fall/Winter 2020-2021 can be OUR WINTER OF IMAGINATION! This weekend in yoga class my instructor told us to “let go of the outcome”, and I thought, “yup, that is an excellent principle to apply to EVERYTHING”. I’d heard it before in various ways from wise sources like Eckhart Tolle, David Hawkins and Tara Brach, but I guess it didn’t click until I’d done the work and it came out of Shellie’s mouth … (that’s just how these things generally go, increasingly I find “A-ha!” lightbulb moments tend to be “Well, DUH … that was right in front of you.” moments).

So maybe we can lean into this new path that COVID has opened up and trust ourselves, give ourselves permission to let go of our expectations and let go of the outcome. We don’t need to be ‘this’ or ‘that’, we just need to Be.

xox Haley

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