NEW Yarn Tasting Kits & Special Orders

Berroco Spring Yarn Tasting Kit PRE-ORDER

This season Berroco is doing something neat and is making their Spring Yarn-Tasting kits available to the general public (via their retailers, like us). It contains samples of the new yarns they are launching or promoting this season, which you can swatch and work experiment with. I receive one of these kits every season and I dutifully swatch with my sample to get a feel for the different yarns. It helps me decide what to order for you, but also it gives me insight into what’s out there, even if I don’t want to carry it (sometimes people come to me looking for something specific and I can special order it for them). If enough people purchase a yarn tasting kit we can have a Zoom yarn Tasting Party (I have no idea how that will work, but I’m open to experimentation). If we sell ten kits Berroco will even pitch in a door prize! Please note, these kits are special Pre-Orders, please read at the bottom of the page for more info on that.

Pick a Project, Any Project

Another super cool new thing is that if you like what you see & feel & knit & crochet and want to make an actual project we can now special-order that for you. This applies to all their yarns, for any of their projects (or other projects not designed by them). As long as it is in stock it’s available to us, and if it isn’t we can look into waiting for it to come in. Berroco is also the North American distributor for Lopi and Amano, so we can look into special-ordering projects in those yarns too (Amano is super drool-worthy, their yarns are SOOOO beautiful). Berroco is making it really easy for us to get their yarns into your hands, but it’s a COVID innovation, so take advantage of it while it lasts. I’ve been adding new special Pre-Order Knitting Kits and Crochet Kits to our website, most of them with an expanded selection of colour combinations (by me, so they’re attractive … hopefully).

A Yarn Tasting Kit might be for you if:

  • You are thinking about making a spring/summer project (or two) and want to find a yarn that makes you happy.
  • You like swatching (some people sincerely do enjoy it, they exist, I know them).
  • You’re allergic to wool (or know someone who is) and want to try-out some alternatives (5 of the 6 yarns included in the kit are wool-free).
  • You’re stuck in a bit of a rut and you’re ready for a gentle exercise to help you moving outside of your comfort zone.
  • You like ‘NEW’.
  • You don’t like ‘NEW’, but you’re tired of being afraid of it (file this under ‘comfort zone’ above).

What you’ll get in your Yarn Tasting Kit:

  • 6 Mini balls (10-20g) of each new spring yarns (plus a few spring favorites): Summer SesameZinniaChai, Ultra Wool HandpaintMedina, and Remix Light
  • Yarn Tasting Menu
  • Berroco Spring ’21 Newsletter
  • Berroco Spring ’21 Lookbook
  • Berroco Alpaca Sticker
  • Thank you note with a 50% off pattern coupon code!


These kits are special Pre-Orders, we aren’t stocking them in the store, but – you have the option to order it any time (it will be available to purchase as long as the manufacturer makes it available to us). Your kit will ship or be available for pick-up once it arrives, and we will contact you (it may take 2 to 3 weeks for your pre-order to arrive). If you need your kit for a specific date please let us know and we can find out if it’s feasible. 

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