THANK YOU Resources from the Yarn Tasting Party

I want to thank everyone who attended the online yarn tasting on Sunday afternoon! It was pretty good considering it was my first time, and I accidentally deleted part of my hard drive while preparing for it. I really enjoyed answering your questions, and based on past history I’ll get better at managing the medium (Zoom) with time & experience (and maybe some lessons from my niece). It was definitely nice to hang out in my yoga clothes, under a hand-knit, of course. Now that I’ve broken the ice it would be good to get together again and explore some of the opportunities …. I’d really like to teach you guys how to do a proper pattern search on Ravelry, and I think Zoom might be a good place).

1. We can order you whatever you want, in whatever quantity from Berroco. They have been incredibly kind and accommodating during the Pandemic! If they sell it, we cans ask them for it (as long as it is in stock – if it is not, then you may have to wait for it, or choose another colour).

2. I want to make all of the resources from the event available to everyone. I have put it all into a file in the cloud that anyone can access. You can find the links below, but I have also added them to the Berroco Yarn Tasting Kit & Party product page on our website (if you’re looking for it just type “Yarn Tasting” in the search box on our website, or you can also find it under EVENTS in the main menu.


All of the resources from our Spring 2021 Yarn Tasting are found in the above link (it goes to a folder), which includes: 

Pattern Recommendations & Yarn Resources

Hearkening back to my days in graduate school, I apparently still have some sweet hand-out skills (although I forgot how much time a thorough research project takes). Each of the yarns included in the yarn tasting has its own little FAQ page with the info we all really need the most; insights on how to use the yarn and PATTERNS that work with it. I have also added the two books I mentioned during the yarn tasting to the end of the resource sheet.

Pattern Bundles

Each yarn has a link to a Pattern Bundle – a gallery or collection of patterns on Ravelry that should work with the yarn (the one above is the Berroco Medina Bundle). Yarns that have been around a few years have more recommendations (including finished projects to help you visualize how it works up), newer ones have less, but all include options that are both designed with the yarn, and those that are not but will suit it. The patterns tend to be heavy on ladies garments & shawls/wraps, but wherever I found a men’s sweater, baby things, bags, baskets, they were included. I’m also adding links to the pattern bundles to the product pages on our website (I just added it to Berroco Remix Light and Berroco Summer Sesame).

All the patterns are available online (free or paid), and include english instructions. I prefer to choose patterns from reliable designers, but I’ll be honest, I was often a little tired when I was doing this work and sometimes I just see something pretty or inspiring and click on it. Because it’s a seasonal yarn collection many of the patterns lean in that direction, however some of the yarns like Berroco Medina and Berroco Remix Light also have all-season/wool-free/vegan applications, so I’ve included those too (we live all over the planet, everyone has their own weather). The patterns are sorted by type of project (tees, tanks, cardigans, pullovers, shawls, etc), so just keep scrolling through to the next page to find more.

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