CAPELETS for Dinning Al Fresco

I’m so in love with the spring weather, it’s clearing out so many winter dulldrums! Outdoor dinning has opened up in the city, and infectious disease specialists are totally down with dinning al fresco, so I thought some projects to help support our new local lifestyle (and the restauranteurs in our communities) would be great. After a much needed socially distanced back-yard burger experience with my family last night, I got a feel for the types of garments required. Layering accessories that don’t get in the way (ie. in your food), go on and come off easily, and can be stashed in a tote are my key points. I’m also looking for pieces that work up relatively quickly on larger needles, so you can wear and enjoy them now!

FYI: Store Still Not Open

Just a quick heads up, the store is NOT open for in-store shopping, I don’t feel it is safe for our clients, our staff, and all the people we are connected with. We’re totally here to discuss your project needs so you can get the right products. If you give us a call ahead of time we can gather together whatever you want to look at and bring stuff to the door for you to see in person. You can pick up your order, have it shipped, or if you live close enough to us you can have it delivered on the same day or next day (depending on the cut-off time). If you’ve had both of your vaccination shots (and 2 weeks have passed since your second) you should have as much protection as you’re going to get (and I’ll likely not inadvertently kill you), so I’m open to making an appointment for you to come in. Right now I know 2 people in this position, and only one knits, but with time the numbers will grow.

Last night, while catching up in the back-yard, my sister-in-law told me that the kids’ school had had a mild COVID scare when 3 children had received ambiguous COVID test results. It affected over 150 other kids who were connected with them and their siblings, all had to stay home and get tested. Luckily, in this case the second tests came back negative, but it illustrates to me how many people are so easily affected (the total number of people didn’t even include the adults potentially involved). One carrier can spread out into thousands, like a ripple on a pond, and that person probably won’t even know that they’re sick until well after they’ve spread the virus. Doctors are expecting the new COVID variants to spread much faster, for case counts to triple by April, and for patients to be younger and sicker than they were with the original stain of COVID. It isn’t the same game as it was before, last stores reopened it was much less risky. The human mind is really good at lying to itself and convincing itself what it wants to believe, especially when it sees other people doing it. So look out for yourself, look out for the welfare of others. The two aren’t separate; what you do for yourself you do for others, and what you do for others you do for yourself.

Mountain Capelet

This capelet is simple, minimal, and effective. It works up FAST on 15mm/US19 needles, although you can go down to 12mm/US17 needles if you want yours smaller.


  • circumference around bottom: approx. 45″
  • circumference around cowl: approx. 24″
  • height from bottom edge to bottom of cowl: 12″
  • height from bottom edge to top of cowl: 20″


FYI: when venturing into projects with unusually large needles interchangeable needles are an economical way to expand your large sized needles – you can buy one set of tips and different length cords as you need them.

Mountain Capelet (Shepherdess)

This is project is a thinner version of the one above, but it comes in multiple sizes. You can work it with 1 strand of a Super Bulky Weight yarn like Drops Andes, or 2 strands held together of a soft fuzzy yarn like Drops Melody (this is my kind of thing; light, fuzzy & cozy), or you could combine a bulky weight yarn with one strand of fuzzy Drops Melody.

Yarn Options

You’ll need 275(330, 385, 440)m of yarn if you’re working with a single strand or a total of 550(660, 770, 880)m if you’re holding two strands together.

Other Materials

FYI: when venturing into projects with unusually large needles interchangeable needles are an economical way to expand your large sized needles – you can buy one set of tips and different length cords as you need them.


  • 40 (44, 48, 52)”
  • The sample pictured is size 40, modeled on a 35″ chest.
  • To fit approx. chest circumference of 32–36 (38–42, 44–48, 50–54)” and shoulder girth of 38–42 (42–46, 46–50, 50–54)”
  • circumference around bottom edge: approx. 40 (44 ¾, 49 ½, 54 ½)”
  • circumference around cowl: approx. 19 ¼ (21 ½, 22 ½, 24 ¾)”
  • height from bottom edge to bottom of cowl: 15 ½ (16, 17, 17 ¾)”
  • height from bottom edge to top of cowl: 22 (22 ½, 24 ¼, 25)”

Getting Warmer

For something a little lighter, try Getting Warmer. You can make it in a variety of different yarns, and if you want to make. it bigger, just use a thicker yarn on a bigger needle. Since this is a garment that’s right next to your neck I’m only recommending yarns that are soft and comfortable. For a look like in our picture above try using Diamond Luxury Baby Alpaca Sport SALE(3 skeins). For something light, airy and a bit springy, go for Illimani Amelie SALE (2 skeins).

Yarns: For a Looser Look & Feel

For a looser look, use light-weight yarns or yarns that are a bit thiner than one ones recommended, but stick with the 6mm/US10 needles recommended by the pattern.

Yarns: Right at Gauge

Yarns: A Bit Thicker for a Larger Size


If you are a new knitter and don’t really want to spend your life savings on knitting needles, you can get away with buying 1 set of 3.5″ needle tips, and a pair of 16″ cords and 24″ cords. Be sure to get the shorter 3.5″ tips! The regular length 4.5″ tip will not work with 16″ cords. If you’re in the market for a full set of interchangeable needles Chiaogoo makes set with 4″ tips, which are a nice compromise.

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