Brisk Day

We made the Brisk Day cowl a little while ago, but I didn’t want to formally introduce you until the yarns were restocked (I felt like it would be cruel, and the stock was very low, we had been waiting a LONG time). My friend Jo brought this one to my attention and I’m really grateful she did, it’s such a clever little accessory! It keeps you warm at the neck, but you can pull it up over your head when the wind kicks up and it won’t mess up your hair. The neck is split to give you more coverage where your coat closes. We made the smaller size, but I have a small head and feel that if you really want decent head coverage go for the larger size.

Our sample is made with Drops Wish (colour 12), which is light, airy, and thick so it knits up fast! You can also use Drops Air, holding two strands together. Wish is a new yarn this year and comes in a muted palette, whereas Drops Air has been around for a little while and offers a broader colour selection and many brighter, more saturated hues. Either way, the pattern knits up quickly on 8mm/US11 needles.

What are your go-to last-minute knits? Are you a knit-ahead person or are you like me and find yourself weaving in the ends on the 24th?

Yarn Options

You can use either of the following yarns:

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