FYI SteetKnit In-Person Meet-up March 14

Just passing this along for the very lovely charity knitters & organizers Catherine and Carol …

Get together in person with kind, like-minded charity knitters & crocheters in a COVID safe, mobility-accessible space in downtown Toronto!

Toronto Streetknit (and crochet) has resumed in-person meetings and the next one is coming up this Tuesday March 14, from 6 pm to 8pm at St Stephens in the Fields Church (103 Bellevue Ave, near College St & Spadina, just north of Kensington Market).

The space is Covid safe (they have filters and CO2 monitoring, but masks are also required inside the building), and there is a ramp at the entrance and accessible washrooms.

There will be donated yarn and needles available if you need some for your StreetKnitting (if you’re in need please don’t feel shy about taking, there is lots to go around). If you have stash that you wish to contribute/divest yourself of), please bring it along and you can drop it off (machine washable is ideal, but they haven’t found a use for Phentex yet, so maybe leave that behind).

If you want to donate yarn, needles, or finished garments but can’t make it to a StreetKnit meet-up feel free to drop your donation off in a sealed plastic bag at the store any time we are open, and we will pass it along.

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