HAPPY International Women’s Day!

Happy International Women’s Day!

Just in time for spring and International Women’s Day, Erica (goddess of the yarn & needles) finished a Hipster Hat from Petite Knit in one of the gorgeous new colours of Sandnes Garn Double Sunday (colour 4626).⁠ The yarn is soft and spongy with lots of body and memory and keeps the shape of the hat & the ribbing beautifully! ⁠I steam-blocked it really easily it and it just popped into its final shape. The colour is delicious … I really needed a hit of colour for Spring!!!!

Thank you to all the women who make all the things happen …. I am grateful.

The Hipster Hat

The Hipster Hat is worked bottom-up in a 2×2 rib stitch. The bottom has a folded edge of about 6 (6) 8 (8) cm [2¼ (2¼) 3¼ (3¼) inches] (you can do a double folded edge if you knit the hat extra-long, but bear in mind that this will require more yarn than suggested). The decreases at the top of the head are done by working 2 sts together on each side of two knit sts a total of 4 times across the round. The Hipster Hat can be knit a bit long for it to get a little “hipster top” or to a length where it fits your head snuggly. The Hipster Hat is for both men and women.


  • baby (child) woman (man)
  • head circumference of approximately: 45-48 (48-53) 53-57 (57-60) cm [17¾-19 (19-20¾) 20¾-22½ (22½-23½) inches]


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