CROCHET Grannies, Part 1: Squares

To Square or Stripe?

When I first started writing this post I thought it was going to be fast, easy, and brief … boy was I naive! There’s a lot of awesomeness to share when it comes to the beloved granny crochet. As I wrote, I found myself with too much inspiring material, so I’ve broken it down into two parts: Modular grannies like squares or hexagons, and granny stripes. Projects featuring granny squares can be made in one piece or from multiple pieces that are sewn together. Granny stripe projects tend to be worked in one piece. Today, we feature the squares, and next time we look at the stripes!

Why Grannies?

The other day in our KNITSANA Mindfulness Workshop/Group we were chatting about how crochet, has been making a big come-back, especially among Gen-Z, and it got me thinking about how much this boho-chic aesthetic has to offer! The venerable granny square can sometimes get a bad rap among Baby Boomer & Gen-X demographics, but I think the Zeds have the right idea, because everything has beauty and anything can be reenvisioned to bring it out. Plus, there is something SO SATISFYING about those simple, rhythmic crochet stitches … possibly a perfect medium for growing a fibre-arts-based mindfulness practice?

In honour of the granny square, here are some project ideas that bring crochet’s casual boho-chic back for some love …


Ravelry: Granny Project Searches

Is it time to learn how to crochet?

After reading this, you may find yourself feeling inspired to get your granny on … if it’s time for you to learn how to crochet you can take a private lesson with us in-store, or check out these free video tutorials online.

Granny Video Tutorial

Never made a granny? Not sure you want to make an entire granny project? No problem, take one for a test drive with your scrap yarn! Staci of Very Pink Knits (she’s one of my very favourite Youtube instructors) has a FREE pattern for a basic Granny Square Blanket and made a tutorial video (see above), so make a square, try it out and see for yourself.

Holly Woodward Designs

One of my favourite designers of the granny (stripe AND square) is Holly Woodward. Her designs are colourful, classic, elegant, and size-inclusive (to me that doesn’t just mean they are available in larger sizes, but that they also fit and look great on curvy bodies). She tends to design in DK weight yarn, so any of the following will work for her patterns:

Granny Square Cardigan

The pattern reimagines the granny square as a boxy, slightly cropped cardie …. what I see is what Coco Chanel might have manifested if she’d been designing in the 70s.


  • XS/S, (M/L, XL/2X, 3X/4X)
  • Bust: 40, (48, 56, 64)”
  • Finished Width: 20, (24, 28, 32)”
  • Finished Length: 20, (22, 24, 26)”
  • This top is designed to be worn with 0-6” of positive ease at the bust.
  • Model is 6’ tall, has a 33” bust, and is wearing a size small with 3” of positive ease.
  • For best fit, choose a size that is 0-6” larger than your corresponding bust measurement.


Berroco Modern Cotton

  • MC: 2(4, 5, 5) skeins (shown in White)
  • CC1: 2, (2, 2, 2) skeins accent color 1 (shown in Blush)
  • CC2: 1, (2, 2, 2) skeins accent color 2 (shown in Peach)
  • CC3: 1, (2, 2, 2) skeins accent color 3 (shown in Mocha)
  • CC4: 1, (2, 2, 2) skeins accent color 4 (shown in Walnut)
  • CC5: 1, (1, 2, 2) skeins (shown in Salmon)

Other Materials


Ariana is an updated granny cardie …. the squares are cleverly tilted on their sides making the lines less boxy. The trim around the sleeve cuffs, the bottom band, and the neckband are all picked up in knitting.


  • S/M/L (XL/2X/3X)
  • Bust (closed): 40 (65)“ / 101.5 (165) cm
  • Length: 22” / 56 cm

Yarn Options

You’ll need 3(4) balls of the main colour (MC), and 2(3) balls/skeins in each of three contrast colours (CC1, CC2, CC3) …. a total of 9(13) balls/skeins.

Other Materials

Wild Rose Market Bag

Grannies come in all shapes & sizes, and they can be multi-colored or monochrome. For market bags, try using a soft, silky yarn that’s also sturdy, like Berroco Modern Cotton DK or Berroco Modern Cotton. This bag is made with 13 granny squares that are seamed together.



  • LARGER: For a larger bag, try using Berroco Modern Cotton (3 skeins) and 4.5mm/US7 & 3.5mm/US G crochet hooks.
  • COLOUR: If you want a multi-colour that does the work for you, I suggest going with a yarn that works up in an ombre or stripes (variegated yarns always look meh when crocheted, the colours pool in little clumps). I recommend using 2 skeins of Berroco Vivo and the crochet hook sizes recommended in the pattern – it should look spectacular!

Hexagon Market Bag

Seaming’s not your thing? Then try a bag that’s made from one GIANT granny!


Giant Granny Square Blanket

If the idea of sewing together a basket of little squares makes you feel a bit avoidant, maybe you’re a giant granny kind of person? Grannie squares don’t have to end after their fourth round, you can keep expanding out as far as you like until your blanket is as big as you want it to be!


  • Baby (throw, very large, giant)

Yarn Options


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