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NEW Colour Flow

Holiday Gift Parade

It’s chilly outside today, which means it is time for me to start reminding about knitting for the holidays. You’ve got about 2 months until Christmas, Kwanzaa and Yule, if you’re Eastern Orthodox you get an extra few weeks, but Hannukah is REALLY early this year (Nov 28th!). I’ll try to keep throwing in the interesting stuff, abut the project suggestions are shifting into small achievable goals. Let the parade of giftable projects roll!

Stay tuned for:

  • Hats & Headbands
  • Mitts
  • Scarves & Infinity Scarves
  • Cowls
  • Legwarmers
  • Wraps & Shoulder cozies
  • Slippers & Slipper-socks
  • Holiday decor
  • Fast blankets & throws


NEW Estelle Colour Flow

For a few years clients have been telling me they LOVE the soft, airy look and texture of blown yarns like Drops Air, but does it come in something more colourful? Well, this fall one of our distributors introduced something just of the sort, so if you like Drops Air, then Estelle Colour Flow is for you!

Estelle Colour Flow is a super-soft yarn with lots of fun! It’s made with merino wool that is literally blown into a nylon core, making it super light and airy, like knitting with a cloud (without the precipitation). The colour changes all by itself, making it an entertaining and pretty knit. It’s a bulky weight, so it will knit up reasonably quickly on 6mm/US10 needles. Colour Flow is knits really well with other fuzzy yarns (see below for more on this). NOTE: this yarn is feltable, so it must be hand washed.


  • 80% Merino Wool (exterior), 20% Nylon (core)
  • 50g/125m
  • Bulky Weight
  • 6mm/US10 needles
  • 14 sts = 4″/10cm
  • Hand wash, lay flat to dry
  • Made in Italy

NOTE: if you love one of the pattern suggestions linked above, but you want to use a solid coloured yarn, try Illimani Amelie, it’s a perfect fit!

How Much Will I Need?

  • Hat: 1 skein
  • Cowl/Snood: 1 to 2 skeins
  • Scarf or Infinity Scarf: 2 to 3 skeins (4 if you want it really big)
  • Legwarmers: 2 to 3 skeins
  • Shawl/Wrap: 4 to 5 skeins
  • Blanket: 10+ skeins

Colour Flow Free Hat Pattern

When you purchase this yarn you’ll automatically receive an email with a link to download a free copy of the Colour Flow Slouchy Hat Pattern (above).


Mobius Cowl (in progress)

It gets a bit busy around here in the fall (which is awesome, no complaints), so here’s a pic of our first solo project, a Mobius Cowl. Scarves, cowls and wraps knit LENGTHWISE will look amazing with this yarn, the colour gradation in the yarn will do all the work! The pattern is an oldie – you can’t beat a classic.


  • Use 6mm/US10 needles (36″ or longer)
  • Cast on 174 sts
  • Reduce each garter section by 1 round for each group (5 rounds becomes 4, 6 rounds becomes 5)
  • If you are a new knitter and can’t deal with the mobius cast-on, just use a regular cast on and make it without the twist.


Estelle Colour Flow combined with Drops Air: both strands knit together on 9mm/US13 needles

Yarn Combining

Yarn combining has become a ‘thing’, and I’m glad it has, because it makes textiles that much more fun and interesting! I’ve embarked on a little experimentation, and found that Estelle Colour Flow works up beautifully held with other fluffy yarns:

Colour Flow & Drops Air 

1 stand of Estelle Colour Flow + 1 strand of Drops Air on 9mm/US13 needles =.12 sts & 16 rows/4″ (10cm). The combination, besides knitting up nice & quick, is deliciously soft and squishy. The fabric is still light, but they have a bit more body than if you worked with them on their own.    (colours: Colour Flow 42205 River Rock & Drops Air 05 Brown Mix.


If you’re interested in experimentation I recommend combining it with either Drops Air or Drops Brushed Alpaca & Silk to keep everything super-soft and yummy.

A closeup of Estelle Colour Flow combined with Drops Air: both strands knit together on 9mm/US13 needles

I can’t say I’m in love with the colour combo I chose above (it works, but I find it a little depressing, the brown is sort of stealing the colour’s ‘life’), but I’d like to give it another shot holding the Colour Flow with a light grey, light beige or cream coloured yarn. I’ll try the fun skein below (colour 42204 Pinata) – it became unruly so I threw it on the winder and yowza it looks purty!

Estelle Colour Flow wound up on a machine: colour 42204 Pinata
Bird escaping light-box

I tried getting Gru into the game, but he was having none of it (and I was out of treats). This is what birds look like right before they take-off.