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fable, originally uploaded by knitomatic.

New Colours of FABLE BABY ALPACA!!

Mmmmmmm … Yum! But what to do, what to do? Well, anything that calls for 3mm to 4.5mm needles will work with FABLE. Or you can check out their FREE patterns on the FABLE HANDKNIT website. I want FABLE socks!

addenda – next day
oh! yum! the new colours are soooo gorgeous! i unpacked the FABLE and it is so beautiful! i can’t stop looking at it. i want to get another bag of each colour so i can loviongly gaze at more of it on the wall. Andrea (FABLE creator) has outdone herself this time, and I hear I’m the first to have the new colours too. they are happy, subtle, simple but sophisticated, and all of them are right-on the mark. people can’t stop toughing them either. tee-hee! i love baby alpaca, it’s like poor-man’s cashmere. Ha-ha! it’s ghetto cashmere! 🙂 except i wish cashmere came in these colours! whatever, for ten bucks a skein, this rocks my world! I’m gonna go back to staring at it with unabashed desrire ….. i think i want to sleep with it.

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