Just Arrived! New Books & Magazines

Just Arrived! New Books & Magazines

Interweave Knits Magazine Fall 2009

Interweave Knits Magazine Fall 2009
Take a peek Inside!
A great new issue with some very pretty pieces, as always it has the Interweave “I live in a quaint, historic town in the country” aesthetic. Includes a good assortment of fair isle, cables, and lace for the techno-knitters and simple, timeless silhouettes. The double sided convertible wrap/west is a special piece!

Booties Blankets & Bears by Debbie Bliss

Booties, Blankets & Bears by Debbie Bliss
Another perfect product from Debbie Bliss, but don’t take the title
litterally, there’s much more in this book than stated. Sure, there are
7 blankets in varying skill levels, 7 pairs of impeccably cute &
stylish baby booties, and 5 different toys including a mouse, rabbit
and a bird . But she’s also added some other nursery accents like fair
isl hanger covers, memory book cover, bean bag chair and a couple of
sweaters. There is only 1 bear pattern but it is in 2 sizes, if you
want bears aplenty look into ‘Teddy Bears’ by Debbie Bliss or ‘The
Best-Dressed Knitted Bear’ by Emma King. There is an assortment of
projects but it averages out around and intermediate knitting level.

Sensational Slippers

Sensational Slippers by Benedikte Rathman Hansen
This is a book that stands up! There are 25 pairs of beautifully
illustrated slippers, 2 pair of socks, 1 pair of legwarmers and 2 pairs
of boots for babies, kids, men and women. Some are knitted, crocheted
and made from felt (I think I’m gonna need to get me some of that
stuff!). Utterly charming!

The Alchemy of Color by Gina Wilde

The Alchemy of Color by Gina Wilde
If you like hand-dyed or kettle dyed yarns this book is for you! From the
makers of Alchemy Yarns, this books explores a variety of ways colour
can be explored in knitting. There’s a variety of projects, including
shawls, bags, sweaters, a skirt, a dress and a baby cardigan. The
Peacock Cardigan is especially stunning and the Cutaway Cardigan is a
very pretty and simple piece.

Knits to Fit & Flatter by Jane Ellison
This book is for every woman and offers advice and assistance to help you make the most of the garments your knit. Of course, the veteran designer (Noro, Laines du Nord) offers up 12 sweaters and half of are presented in 2 incarnations, either in different colours and different types of yarn. She walks you through the essentials of measuring gauge, choosing the right size and adpating a garment. She also talks about the very important role of design elements and which features to choose to hide your body flaws and show off your assets. This isncludes how to choose yarns that flatter, findings, stitch patterns, necklines, arms, body length and waist lines. She’s also put tips in the patterns to help you adpat them to suit your body type! A great book by a very smart lady – Me Likey!

Luxe Knits by Laura Zukaite
This book is for the fashionistas. Laura Zukaite is a young sweater designer trained at the Parsons School of Fashion in New York and she’s gonna have a big career! She uses lovely yarns and imagines them is very stylish ways. If you want couture without the cost, this is the book for you!

Crochet Edgings and Trims
Another useful, easy to follow and fully (and beautifully) illustrated stitch reference book from Interweave Press/Harmony guides. This book should be able to fill all of your crochet edging needs. And edges are one of the best things crochet does!

Knit Edgings and Trims
150 knit edgings to embellish everything in your life! It also includes a handful of motifs like leaves, flowers, a star, a heart, a tassel, and a few collars too!

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