Summer Sale Extended & Expanded!

Summer Sale Extended & Expanded!

30% Off All Spring & Summer Products

Good News! The guys on the radio say that the recession is over and the economy has stopped shrinking! Now we have to make a concerted effort to clear out some old stuff to make room for new, fall, post-recession yarns, so we’re just going to put it on sale! If you need help finding inspiration (I know some of you feel a little lack-luster on the knit front in the summer) feel free to pick our brains or browse our patterns and magazines.


  • Handmiaden Lace Silk
  • Handmaiden Sea Silk
  • Handmaiden Rumple Silk
  • Cascade Fixation
  • Araucania Patagonia Nature Cotton
  • Super 10 Cotton
  • Mission Falls 1824 Cotton
  • Spring & Summer Magazines
  • Spring & Summer Patterns (tank tops, sleeveless tops, etc)

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