New Book! Knitting Green

Knitting Green by Ann Budd ($29.95)

Knitting Green is an ideal reference for knitters eager to make their needlework even more eco-conscious. Peppered throughout this resource are nine thoughtful and engaging essays to help you think about your carbon footprint. From Lisa R. Myers’s frank look at running a yarn shop in the new era of conservation to Kristin Nicholas’s lovesong to sheep, Knitting Green is chock full of information for you to consider while you work your needles. Other essayists include: Carmen S. Hall, Clara Parks, Pam Allen, Sandi Wiseheart, Kristeen Griffin-Grimes, Darlene Hayes, and Amy R. Singer. 

Knitting Green Spacer 10x10 pixels Knitting Green
Solstice Skirt
Soy-Silk Kimono
Knitting Green Knitting Green
Commuter Knapsack
Cunene River Pullover
Knitting Green Knitting Green
On-the-Go Bike Basket-Purse
Honor-the-Buffalo Socks and Mitts

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