Summer Tulips Baby Cardie Kits


Cotton Tulips Baby/Toddler Cardie Kits  $56.50
We’ve put together some kits for the very popular Tulips baby cardigan with Mission Falls 1824 Cotton – it is 100% machine washable and kid tested!  The kit contains 9 skeins of yarn in 8 colours (which we have co-ordinated and labelled for you to make life easier), and the easy to follow and easy to knit pattern. 5mm circular, 5mm double pointed needles, and stitch markers are not included in the kit, but we can throw that together for you too. The kit includes enough yarn to make up to a roomy 2 year old sweater, but if you want to make something in a larger size we can add the extra yarn you’ll need (just a few balls). Pattern sizes run from 6month to 6 years. If you are making a baby size you’ll have enough yarn left over to make a second sweater with the colours shuffled. 

Girl’s Colour Combos: Muted (see our sample) and Bright

Boy’s Colour Combos: Bright and Muted

The toddler in your life can inspect insects in a bright, pretty Tulips sweater!

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