FINISHED: Haley Special no. 3

The ‘Haley Special’

Today’s update is a rambling personal story without much purpose except to share a quirky, knitterly experience.  This project is the third sweater in an unintentional ‘series’, I’ve started calling them the “Haley Special”.

Once upon a time, a few years ago, I made a sweater based on the Elemental Pullover from the book Knitting 24/7. I say *based* because there is something seriously off with the tension of the pattern (it calls for Ultra Alpaca Light but I think it is supposed to be Ultra Alpaca Fine). I ordered the yarn especially, so being true to myself, I started playing around with the tension, and while I was at it I added some waist-shaping, some length, yada yada yada. By the time I was done I had made so many changes it had become a vanity project (a personal project I keep to myself because the changes are too complicated to download onto clients and people don’t really ‘get’ the yarn’s appeal).

Haley Special 3- Blue 3

Bunched up on the sofa.

What I did not expect was something I had never before experienced – a sweater I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE wearing ( and I’m a person who really likes wearing sweaters). When Ultra Alpaca Light is knit up it has a remarkable elastic quality which holds shaping, and the fabric has a slight halo which seems to prevent pilling.

I wore the crap out of the sweater, so much that I got sick of wearing the same colour all the time. Sooooo …. I consulted my cryptic notes in Ravelry and made another. (Normally when I share a project with you I make sure my Ravelry notes are comprehensible and comprehensive, but unfortunately I’m not as generous with myself.)

Haley Special 3- Blue 2

Up close and personal.

Fast forward to last winter, you know, the really, really long and incredibly cold one in 2014/2015. I wore both sweaters ALL season, from fall to early spring. They held up beautifully, and at the end I was still in love …. but my eyes started wandering all over the shade card. (I know, I hear you, this is approaching a “Big Love” moment, it’s getting to be a bit much.) Well, some time in February, nearing the end of this very warm, uninspiring winter, I managed to churn out yet another incarnation: Blueberry.

I think I’ve become so comfortable with the pattern and the yarn is so buttery that I can whip it up relatively quickly – it was very good knitting for February blahs. Next year I think I’ll expand the family with 4285 Oceanic Mix, which is really my favourite colour. Who knows how big the family will get, I don’t have a black or a grey one …. yet.


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  2. Winter 2014: Boysenberry Mix 
  3. Winter 2016: Blueberry Mix
  4. Fall 2016: Ocean Mix
Haley Special 3- Blue

After blocking but before wearing.