We’ve Got Heart (+Freebie)


Heart & Stroke Becel Ride for Heart 2015: freezing rain was abundant, as were port-o-potties.

You may or may not know that we at Knit-O-Matic support a few yarn related charities (Street KnitSilver Circle West Toronto Services for SeniorsGilda’s Club). We also donate to other more conventional charitable organizations that are important to us and our families and friends, like Plan Canada, the Hospital for Sick Children, Sistering, The Canadian Cancer Society’s Relay for Life, etc. Our most important commitment is the Heart and Stroke Becel Ride for Heart.

Every spring my father and I join the Ride for Heart.  We get up before dawn and go for a 50km (31 miles) ride up & down a highway (it takes about 3 hours), we have a snack, and then I go to work. The fundraising aside, it’s actually a very satisfying endeavour (by the time I reach the top of the hill I’m REALLY ready for the coast downhill).

Anyway, the ride is to raise money for the Heart and Stoke Foundation. Heart and Stroke does a lot of really important work which benefits almost all of us (unless you’ve got some of those anomalous centarian genes). They fund research into heart disease and stroke, they educate the public about important cardiovascular related health issues, and they fund programs for people who have had cardiac events (strokes, heart surgery, heart attack, etc). to improve their recovery and their longevity. My father has heart disease, he’s had a few angioplasties and has 4 stents in his heart.  He’s in one of the aforementioned programs and it’s made a significant difference and moving forward he’ll hopefully never need anything drastic, like bypass surgery.

We’re all vulnerable, everyone has a heart, and none of us have lived a life of immaculately healthy eating and exercise. Some people have a genetic predisposition for heart disease, others love pizza, and some of us possess both of these qualities (in spades). Please support my ride for heart, you’ll be contributing for yourself and your family and friends (plus the donation is tax-deductible, you’ll get the receipt immediately and your money goes directly to the charity).

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