FREEBIE Purl Beret

koigu beret

Purl Beret

I whipped up this little beret to show off our new Koigu KPPPM (and it looks awesome, if I don’t say so myself). The Koigu knits beautifully; the colour distribution is remarkable, the fibre is soft and springy, and the end product is absolutely lovely and very wearable.

The pattern was free, and was a bit flawed. First off, you’ll probably need two skeins of yarn to make the hat, instead of the suggested one. You won’t necessarily need a lot of the second skein, but you’ll go into it. If you have a very small head and are making a little button beret you might be able to get away with one skein.

Second problem, the pattern is LARGE. The cast-on is appropriate for a large head (24 inches in circumference). If you have a smaller size head I suggest casting on fewer stitches: about 98 stitches for a 21″ head, 108 for 22″, 118 for 23″.

Third problem, the pattern ran a bit short in the rise. I added an extra inch in height prior to the decreases (and since it’s wide it kind of needed the extra height).

I blocked it by washing in Eucalan and laying flat to dry, and the hat stretched a bit, mostly in height (I think).

Finished Measurements (after blocking):

  • 11.5” wide (at widest point)
  • 8.5” high
  • 10” wide at brim


Other Pattern Ideas

If you want to make a hat with Koigu KPPPM, but you don’t want to mess around with changing up the pattern, here are a few FREE patterns that will look great ….


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