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I’m sorry it’s taken so long to blog this FO! My Nuvem was done a while ago, but as you can imagine, winter is a hairy time of year in a knitting store, and non-winter projects tend to get shoved down the priority list. Anyway, I loved it. I loved making it, and I love the finished project. As soon as it was complete I started planning the next one! I used a yarn we no longer carry (Wollmeise Lace) but you can really use any lace weight or fingering weight yarn. You can also make a larger version (like this one) or a smaller wrap (we did one few years ago): See our Nuvems on Ravelry HERE!

The hardest part of the project was the cast on. Once you get going it’s almost mindless – great for binge-watching can’t-look-away shows or those times in your life where ‘brain-no-work-good’.

Notes for Next Time

I’d like to make my next Nuvem in a lighter weight laceweight yarn, I’m thinking something really airy and lofty, like Malabrigo Lace Baby Merino. The yarn I used last time is lovely, but it’s heavier and closer to a fingering weight – perfect for fall, but I want something lighter for spring. The lighter weight yarn will also pack smaller and be easier to cart around

I also really liked using interchangeable needles for my Nuvem: when the project got really large I was able to transfer all the stitches onto a single needle with a very, very long cord (I went to 60″). I used the Addi Turbo interchangeable needles (I already had a set so I bought an extra set of tips), but the Knitter’s Pride interchangeables are also a great, economical option since the extra cables only cost $3.47.



PS. Unfortunately, the belt in the picture above isn’t available for sale anywhere: I found it about 10 years ago at a vintage store in San Francisco.  

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