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Addi FlexiFlips XL & Regular

Addi has just come out with new sizes of the super popular Addi Flexi-Flip needles. The XL sizes are 2 inches longer than the originals, and they come in larger sizes, some that weren’t available before (up to 8mm/US11). I took a closer look and did a little compare-and-contrast exercise below

What are Addi Flexi-Flips?

Addi Flexi-Flips are a different kind of knitting needle, a hybrid between a double pointed needle and a circular needle. They are designed to make knitting in the round on double pointed needles faster, easier, and ENJOYABLE. They consist of two needle tips joined in the centre by a a flexible cable. Instead of juggling 4 or 5 double pointed needles at time, Flexi-Flips work with 3. Stitches are distributed over two needles, and then you knit with the third – resulting in only two needle changes per row. This also means a reduced chance of accidentally making ‘ladders’ in your knitting. Another great feature is the needles’ dual-tip design: each needle has a pointier Addi Rocket tip and a more blunt Addi Turbo tip. You will always have the right needle, when you need it. Addi Flexi-Flips are made for knitting in the round, and they’re great for everything from socks, cuffs, toys, hats, neck-warmers, leg-warmers, tea cozies – if it’s round and a smaller circumference, these needles will do it.

Regular LengthXL Length
21cm/8″ long from tip to tip
26cm/10″ long from tip to tip
tips are 8.5cm/3.5cm long (similar to a 16″ circ)
tips are 11cm/4.25″ long (similar to a 24″ or longer circ)
cable is 3cm/1.25″ long
cable is 4cm/1.6″ long
Sizes: 2mm/US0 to 5mm/US8
Sizes: 4mm/US6 to 8mm/US11
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