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NEW Addi Flexi Flips!

addi flexiflips BLOG

Addi FlexiFlips

Cast-on to an effortless new method of knitting socks, cuffs, hats, and many of other projects which are worked in the round, with the addi® FlexiFlips. Made specifically for North America, these specially designed 21cm circulars (3.5″ tips with 1″ cord) rest comfortably in the hand, and act as flexible double pointed needles. Easy to use, stitches are simply distributed over two needles, and then knit with the third – resulting in only two needle changes per row.

Featuring the same dual-tip design as the popular addi® FlipStix, the FlexiFlips feature both an addi® Rocket tip and an addi Turbo® tip. You will always have the right needle, when you need it. Overly versatile, FlexiFlips also make great cable needles.

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NEW 9″ Circulars for Socks

Chiaogoo Metal 9" BLOG.png

Chiaogoo 9″(23cm) Circular Needles

You’ve been asking for them (I think because of avideo tutorial), so I ordered 9″(23cm) circular needles, and they have finally arrived! Personally, I like a 12″, but some people have a hard time and need something smaller – sorry, couldn’t help myself!)

NEW Knitter’s Pride Jumbo Needles

FINALLY! Knitter’s Pride is now making nice, affordably priced, BIG needles for big yarns and big projects!  Sizes range from 12mm/US17 to an unprecedented 35mm/US100.  Extra large needles are especially great for yarns like NEW Cascade Mondo, Cascade Magnum, and Bernat Mega Bulky.



Knitter’s Pride Jumbo Circular Needles

Knitter’s Pride Jumbo Birch Fixed Circular Needles are perfect for BIG knitting projects! A smooth join ensures easy stitch glide and no snagging, and resilient, flexible cords lay flat with no kink or twist.

Available in sizes 20mm/US35 to 35mm/US100!

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Knitter’s Pride Jumbo Double Pointed Needles

Available in sizes 12mm/US17 to 25mm/US50!

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Knitter’s Pride Jumbo Straight Needles

Available in sizes 30mm and 35mm/US100!

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NEW Knitter’s Pride Melodies of Life Interchangeable Needle Set



Knitter’s Pride Melodies of Life

Celebrate the Melodies of Life with the aluminum Zing Interchangeable Needle Set from Knitter’s Pride! This Limited Edition set is only available for a short time. It includes a range of 9 interchangeable knitting needles from size US 4 to 11, in vibrant, colour-coded aluminum needles that allow your yarn to slip easily as you work; an assortment of colour-coded cables in different lengths; and a sweet pouch for the accessories, adorned with embroidered musical notes. Needle length is 5.5″.

You’ll also find two pairs of earrings inside this special box! The earrings are made from the same beautiful, coloured wood that Knitter’s Pride is famous for.

The boxed set consists of:

• Nine pairs of vibrant colour-coded Zing needles – US 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 10.5 and 11 that carry laser-marked sizes.
• Four colour coded cables in lengths of 24’’ (green), 32’’ – 2 (orange) and 40’’ (red)
• An assortment of knitting accessories (set of cord connectors, wool needles and stitch holders) packed in a coordinated, embroidered fabric pouch.

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RESTOCKED Mini Notions & Needles

Scissors embroidery polka dot 2

Polkadot Embroidery Scissors

These popular little cutting implements are back! They’re adorable, sturdy, and easy to use (3.5″.9cm long). They also match our Polkadot Tape Measures.

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Soak Wash-Minisoaks-Assorted

Soak Minis

Soak is a super easy, eco-friendly, no-rinse wash for hand or machine washing delicates, from lingerie to cashmere. Soak products are manufactured in Toronto Canada and are available in an assortment of fresh fragrances plus Scentless (for your sensitive side).   Each Mini Soak pack is 5ml, enough for a single use.

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Chiaogoo Circular Needles Steel 12 inch

Chiaogoo 12″ Circular Needles

12″ circular needles are great for working in the round on small things that normally requires double pointed needles; socks, legwarmers, sleeves, etc.

ChiaoGoo Red Lace Circular Knitting Needles are a premium line of stainless steel circulars. They feature a flexible, multi-strand, nylon-coated, steel cable allowing for your yarn to slide right over. The tips and joins are precisely machined.

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min restocked combo

RESTOCKED Knitter’s Pride Marblz Set

Knitters Pride Interchangeable Marblz Set BLOG

Knitter’s Pride Marblz Deluxe Needle Set

This stunning set includes 9 pairs of interchangeable needles and accessories. The needles are strong & durable, yet lightweight, smooth, with just the right flexibility. They’re warm to the touch and and gentle in your hands. They’ve been designed with just the right “grab” to help manage those slippery stitches and aid with picking up stitches. The points are sharp and gradually tapered, ideal for all knitting projects. 

Set Includes

  • 9 sets of knitting needle tips: 3.5, 3.75, 4, 4.5, 5, 5.5, 6, 6.5, 8mm (US 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 10.5, 11)
  • 4 sets of cords: 1 x 60cm/24″, 2 x 80cm/32″, 1 x 100cm/40″
  • 8 end caps
  • 1 set of cord connectors
  • 4 cord keys
  • Portable, zippered vinyl case (the box case is no longer available)

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NEW Addi Flipstix & Clover Big Hooks

Want aomething new and awesome an pretty? Look no further, Addi has come up with clever new double-duty, double pointed needles needles. Made from high-grade aluminum, these colourful ultra-lightweight double pointed needles feature dual tips (each needle features both a Turbo® (regular) tip and a Lace (pointy) tip for added flexibility of use). A revolutionary design, FlipStix™ are available in 6” and 8” lengths, in 2mm to 8mm (6.5mm not available ), or US 0 to 11 (10.5 not available). Each set comes with 5 needles.

Clover has FINALLY come out with crochet hooks in sizes larger than 6mm/J!  Clover’s extremely comfortable and pretty hooks now come in sizes 6.5mm to 10mm (US sizes K to N), including the often neglected 7mm. The new hooks are light, easy to hold and hook like a breeze!