COVID Update

I had the loveliest dream the other night that I was at my hairdresser, getting my hair trimmed … that’s it, that’s all there was to the dream, it was completely mundane, and it was DELICIOUS! No matter your pandemic experience, I know everyone yearns to get back *some* level of normalcy, we all want life to copy the weather and reopen. Things are looking up, we’re on our way, but unfortunately, we aren’t there *yet*.

By law, retailers with a storefront (like ourselves) are only allowed to provide curb-side pick-up service and shipping. This means we still can not have clients come inside the store (the only people in here are staff and my plus-one), and the fines are pretty stiff – upwards of $100K. Additionally, we will not be able to hold Sit ‘n Knit or classes until people are allowed to sit within a 1/4 metre of each other (presently, people are supposed to be maintaining a distance of two metres).

We are still offering curbside pick-up and shipping, and Canada Post has dropped their rates a bit! You can place orders online or over the phone, and we are open Monday to Saturday from 12 to 5 pm.

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