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Yarn Tasting Kits Have Arrived!

The Berroco Spring Yarn Tasting Kits have arrived from Berroco! Sorry that took so long, they were waiting for a shipment with the yarns – international shipping is bit of a mess because of COVID. If you wanted one by didn’t pre-order that’s ok, we have a few extras in stock. If the whole thing is new to you all the details are below, after the Yarn Tasting Event info.

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Yarn Tasting Event!

When last I wrote I said that if we sold enough we would hold a virtual yarn tasting. Well, we sold a bunch of kits, so a Yarn Tasting is happening! The session will take place via Zoom (or a similar platform) on a Sunday (time TBA, see the survey below). The big question is, what type of Yarn Tasting do you want?! You have 2 options:

1. Guided Yarn Party with Professional Instructor (2 hours/$20)

Professional yarn-partier Lynne Sosnowski will lead you through a very informative and educational Yarn tastingLynne will send out info ahead of time on needle recommendations and other supplies you might need or want, a hand-out on how yarn tasting works and a hand-out on effective swatching (for a garment or fitted accessory). During the session she will guide you through casting on a small taster swatch and will talk about the yarn itself – it’s composition, the things it’s suited to, etc. She will also offer some project suggestions for the yarn you’re sampling.  

2. Informal Yarn Sampling with Haley (45 min to 1 hour/Free)

Professional yarn store owner Haley will go with the flow and show you how she swatches for the store and answer all the fibre related questions you can throw at her.

Please tell us what you’d like to do by filling out our survey below (please don’t let us know by emailing/messaging/replying to our newsletter, the survey is the best way for us). The survey should take less than a minute and is anonymous:


Berroco also sent us several little giveaways and a couple of really nice kits as prizes for our Yarn-Partiers: each of the kits comes with 3 balls of Berroco Remix Light and a copy of their most recent Remix collection Berroco Remix Family (a $65 value all together – not too shabby). We also have several of their summer pattern books to give away ($17 value).

Pattern: Kyrie

Berroco Yarn Tasting Kits

This season Berroco is doing something neat and is making their Spring Yarn-Tasting kits available to the general public (via their retailers, like us). It contains samples of the new yarns they are launching or promoting this season, which you can swatch and work experiment with. I receive one of these kits every season and I dutifully swatch with my sample to get a feel for the different yarns. It helps me decide what to order for you, but also it gives me insight into what’s out there, even if I don’t want to carry it (sometimes people come to me looking for something specific and I can special order it for them).

A Yarn Tasting Kit might be for you if:

  • You are thinking about making a spring/summer project (or two) and want to find a yarn that makes you happy.
  • You like swatching (some people sincerely do enjoy it, they exist, I know them).
  • You’re allergic to wool (or know someone who is) and want to try-out some alternatives (5 of the 6 yarns included in the kit are wool-free).
  • You’re stuck in a bit of a rut and you’re ready for a gentle exercise to help you moving outside of your comfort zone.
  • You like ‘NEW’.
  • You don’t like ‘NEW’, but you’re tired of being afraid of it (file this under ‘comfort zone’ above).

What you’ll get in your Yarn Tasting Kit:

  • 6 Mini balls (10-20g) of each new spring yarns (plus a few spring favorites): Summer SesameZinniaChai, Ultra Wool HandpaintMedina, and Remix Light
  • Yarn Tasting Menu
  • Berroco Spring ’21 Newsletter
  • Berroco Spring ’21 Lookbook
  • Berroco Alpaca Sticker
  • Thank you note with a 50% off pattern coupon code!

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