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MDK Blanket of Joy

My client Leesa brought me The Blanket of Joy, and as soon as I saw it I knew it was marvellous and needed to be shared! The world is so full of uncertainty right now, it’s more important than ever to choose carefully how we focus our energy. Like attracts like and like begets like, so I think something bright, happy, and full of joy is a good place to put our attention.

The Blanket of Joy is a simple knit, which is also important right now … Keep It Simple, am I right? Simple bands of colour are knit in offset segments of stocking and reverse stocking stitch to create an easy, graphic combination of colour and texture. Sometimes the simplest solutions are the most brilliant! The pattern looks like it’s suitable for novices and experienced knitters alike. Need some help with weaving in the ends? Check our our Skills Page!


The project is a “lets see if we can find a way to use every colour in the crayon box” type of experiment.

Option 1. I think BERROCO VINTAGE fits the bill perfectly – it’s soft, comfortable, affordable, machine washable, and comes in a slew of colours. You’ll need 1 skein in each of 22 colours, and I suggest using 4.5mm/US7 needles. If you’re using Vintage your tension will be slightly different (it will knit a bit faster) and you’ll have about 25% more yardage than in the pattern, so you should be able to get away with making your blanket a smidge wider.


Berroco Vintage Colour Substitutions:

5101 = Natural (B)5135 = Wintergreen (R)5181 = Barn Red (K)
5105 = Mousse (J)5140 = Clementine (T)5182 = Merlot (E)
5109 = Shale (S)5143 = Navy (Q)5197 = Malla (G)
5110 = Tutu (I)5145 = Truffle (V)51131 = Citron (N)
5112 = Leek (M)5160 = Lapis (P)51132 = Pear (C)
5113 = Skyline (O)5174 = Cork (A)51196 = Sea Glass (D)
5114 = Whisper (F)5177 = Peat (L)
5116 = Pebble (U)5179 = Cedar (H)

Option 2. If you wanted to make a blanket that is smaller in budget I recommend using BERROCO VINTAGE BABY (get 1 ball of each of the 22 colours) with 4mm/US6 needles. The colours aren’t the same as the original pattern, so you’ll have to get a little creative shuffling them around, but the palette available is beautiful and complimentary, all the colours work together. The yarn is super soft and easy to work with, it’s machine washable, and at $4.97 a ball it makes for an affordable project.



Berroco Vintage: Colours in Pattern Order

A51174 Rye HeatherL5177 Douglas Fir Heather
B5101 MochiM5112 Minty
C51132 GrapesN51131 Citrus
D51196 JalapenoO5113 Misty
E5182 CurrantP5160 Wild Blueberry
F5114 AsterQ5143 Dark Denim
G5197 Neptune HeatherR5135 Holly
H5179 Chocolate HeatherS5109 Storm
I5110 FondantT5140 Orange
J5105 Oats HeatherU5115 Dove
K5181 Black Cherry HeatherV5145 Cast Iron

Colour & Change

In the book Joyful, Ingrid Fetel Lee talks about the revitalization of the run-down, crime-ridden city of Tirana, Albania … which was initiated with the very easy and affordable approach of painting buildings bright colours. I’ll leave the details for you to read up on (the book was really good), but if painting a run-down building bright orange can initiate the transformation of a city, maybe it’s not too far a stretch to posit that a joyfully coloured blanket can initiate positive change in a life?


Thank you for your support following our COVID Policy update yesterday. At last check, I’ve received at least 16 replies, all of them positive. I’m glad we’re on the same page … you made my heart grow two sizes this afternoon!

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