PROJECT Scrappy Crochet Bucket Hat

Scrappy Bucket Hat

My friend Adrienne came in wearing this awesome little bucket hat/cloche and it looked amazing …. I knew immedately that it was a must-share! Adrienne went down a hook size, and I think that was a good move – I light my bucket hat tension on the ticher side. If, on the other hand, you prfer yours loose & floppy, do up to the prescribed 6mm hook.

You can make the hat with several colours, like in the pattern, in which case you might want to go for a yarn like Berroco Pima Soft that comes in 50g skeins (see pictures below for colour ideas). Alternately, you can make it with one colour, or two … the suggested quantities and yarns are below.


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Skill Level

Intermediate-beginner: single crochet and working in the round. This hats isn’t ideal as your very first project, but if you know how to do a basic single crochet, you should be able to make this pattern.


When choosing a size, go by head actual head circumference as measured just above ears. This style looks better slightly oversized (rather than on the tighter side) so if between sizes, size up. Checking gauge as described in pattern is essential to ensuring hat fits as expected.

  • S(M, L, XL)
  • Toddler(Child, Adult S/M, Adult M/L)
  • To fit head size 16-18(18-20, 20-22, 22-24) inches


Summer Yarn Suggestions

All of the following yarns are free from animal fibre (except Berroco Remix Light, which has a smidge of recycled silk), are soft, and suitable for anyone with a sensitive head (chemo, alopecia, etc). The pictures below have NOT been colour corrected, and the colours may not be accurate.


Berroco Pima Soft: 3 to 4 skeins …. super, duper, cloud soft, with a little bit of texture that comes from the loose twist. Loosely plied yarns can get a bit fuzzier with wear, which is great if you like texture – just give it a little de-fuzz with a disposable razor. This yarn is not machine washable, and should be hand-washed in Eucalan or Soak. See below for colour combinations to make the multi-coloured scrappy version of the hat. This was my favourite solid coloured yarn I swatched with.

Berroco Summer Sesame: 2 skeins … the multiple textures and colours in this yarn make it the perfect candidate for a hat with a lot of interest and dimension. I used a 5mm hook, holding 2 strands together, for a denser stitch you could go down to a 4.5mm hook. The textile is naturally pliable, and your hat will have some graceful floppiness to it. This yarn should make a fairly durable hat (the yarn is already textured, but not prone to fuzzing) and is machine washable. This was my favourite multi-coloured yarn I swatched with.

Cascade Ultra Pima: 2 skeins … Keep it simple with a smooth, solid coloured pima cotton. This cotton has some shine to it, but if you want to take that down a bit you can iron your finished project. I used a 5mm hook and the fabric is comfortably firm (with 2 strands together). You might be able to push it down to a 4.5mm hook, but I don’t know if it would do much further. This yarn will make a fairly durable hat, and is machine washable.

Berroco Remix Light: 1 skein …. this yarn is soft, light and tweedy. I used a 4.5mm crochet hook, but you might be able to push it down to a 4mm hook to get it REALLY dense. The fabric isn’t as firm as a pure cotton, but it has an interesting texture (it reminds me a little bit of terry-cloth). It’s also a bit thinner and lighter than the other options, making it a potentially cooler hat. This yarn should make a fairly durable hat (the yarn is already textured, so banging it around won’t hurt it), and is machine washable.

Lion Brand Pima Cotton: 3 skeins … soft, smooth. This yarn has less surface shine than The Cascade Ultra Pima, and it is a bit thicker. On a 5mm hook (with 2 strands together) it makes a fairly firm fabric. This yarn is machine washable and should be fairly durable.

Rico So Cool So Soft Cotton: 2 balls …. you only need to work with 1 strand of this super soft, cloud cotton. I used a 5mm crochet hook, which was perfect and made a nice, dense swatch. Like Berroco Pima Soft, this is a loosely spun cotton, so it;s big on softness, but will need a little depilation from time to time. This yarn is not machine washable, and should be hand-washed in Eucalan or Soak.

Scrappy Colour Combos

You can make your hat in 1 colour, or marled with 2 colours, but the pattern was designed with 5 colours, so here is some colour palette inspiraton for you with Berroco Pima Soft. The most accurate colours are on our website, the pictures below have not been colour corrected.

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