Long Weekend Hours & Housekeeping

Long Weekend Store Hours

Saturday, July 30: 12 pm to 6 pm

Sunday, July 31: CLOSED

Monday, August 1: CLOSED

Tuesday, August 2: 12 pm to 6 pm

Private Classes & Project Help

We are back to doing private instruction and project help! You can learn something new, catch up with an old project, or get help with a new one – you set the agenda. Private classes are by appointment only, you can easily book online (you can see our availability at your convenience) or call us at 416-653-7849 to make an appointment. 

PLEASE NOTE: Everyone MUST wear a mask while in the store. 

  • Ages 8 & up
  • Maximum 2 people per private class 
  • Weekdays: Monday to Friday, 12:30 to 5:30 pm
  • You pay in person when you attend your class
  • $29.97 per hour, per person (+tax). 


We have continued to wear masks in the store to keep everyone healthy and safe. Like wearing a seatbelt, it’s a very easy thing to do to ensure the safety of all. Viruses are living things, and as such, they tend to change to adapt to their environment. Like Monthy Python said, nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition …. unless you also adapt and learn to not make assumptions.

The reason I bring this up is because I met someone this week who sincerely believed that the COVID vaccine prevented him and his wife from contracting the virus. He also believed that two shots of the vaccine were sufficient to protect them. I don’t know where he received his information from (I couldn’t really hear him across the room), but it is inaccurate and it leaves him and his wife vulnerable to the virus.

So, to clarify:

  1. The COVID vaccine will not prevent you from contracting COVID. There are different kinds of vaccines, and the COVID vaccine is not that kind. The COVID vaccine is more like the annual flu shot – it helps reduce the effects of the virus, so you are much, much less likely to end up in hospital.
  2. Two shots of either the Moderna or the Phizer vaccine are no longer enough to protect you. Like all vaccines, its effects wane over time, and you need to get a booster every 6 months. If it has been 6 months since your last shot, you don’t have much protection.
  3. ALL of the strains of COVID are still floating around, and you can still get any of them. Some people think that they will get the variant du jour, and getting COVID won’t be a big deal because that variant is less severe. If you get COVID, there are no guarantees that you won’t contract one of the earlier, stronger strains.
  4. Getting COVID does not prevent you from getting COVID again.
  5. You don’t want Long COVID – it’s nasty, and is not well understood yet.
  6. Our health care system was already strained when the Pandemic struck. After two and a half years, it is seriously broken. My point is, its not a good time to end up in the hospital if you can help it.

I don’t want to scare you, but I do want to illustrate that it’s important not to make assumptions about this virus. Live your life, but also protect yourself by wearing a mask in public places. If you believe in vaccines, make sure yours is up to date. There is always risk in life, but you can reduce your exposure. I still go to the gym, but I wear an N95 mask while I’m there. Eckhart Tolle said “Some changes look negative on the surface but you will soon realize that space is being created in your life for something new to emerge.” Change is the only thing in life you can expect, the only constant, the only thing that is guaranteed.

People keep asking me when we are going to return to group classes and Sit ‘n Knit …. what they are really asking is two questions … “When will the pandemic be over?” and “When can I go back to my old life?” The answer to the first question is that I honestly don’t know. I’ve gazed into my crystal ball many times, and I’ve come to the conclusion that crystal balls don’t work that way (at least mine doesn’t … just kidding, my crystals are either jewelry or little chunks that hang out in my house). As for the second, I do know (without having to consult a divine rock) that you are not going back to life as you knew it … change is the only constant. So what part of the past are you still holding on to? (This question leaves me feeling slightly uncomfortable … there’s something that’s ready to leave. If you’re feeling resistant, defensive, or just uneasy then you probably also have something that’s ready to go.) Have you created space for something new? Try it, maybe if we all do it’ll move things along a bit faster? After all, life happens through us, not to us.

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