Holiday Ornament Knits

There are a lot of decoration projects & pattern ideas out there (see the links below) but I’ve rounded up a few for you that have caught my eye …

December Bow

I can totally see myself getting caught up in making these bows …. either a bunch for myself or give them as little gifts. They’re very charming, kind of semiotically neutral, and essentially a pretty basic knit. The December Bow is worked back and forth in one piece from tip to tip in garter stitch with i-cord edges. The work is folded into a bow and sewn together at the end following the diagram with instructions that can be found at the end of the pattern. The money from the sale of December Bow will go to Save the Children in the time period between the 1st of December 2022 and 1st of December 2023.


Yarn Alternatives

You’ll need 100m of each of the two yarns above, or 100m of a DK weight yarn like the following:


Another winter creature, the snowperson is a delight for everyone’s eyes. To help your snowpeople stand tall, try putting some metal washers in their bottoms (you can get them at the hardware store) – it will improve their balance immensely.

Yarn Options

Double knitting weight yarn is perfect for this project – I love a textured yarn like Drops Soft Tweed, but I know some people like the simple grace of a pure merino like Sandnes Garn Double Sunday. If you want to keep things cheap ‘n cheerful go for Berroco Vintage Baby (it comes in 50g balls), or if you want a village of snowpeople you can also opt for Berroco Vintage DK in 100g skeins.


I prefer shorter double-pointed needles for little projects like this: either the 5″ DPNS from Clover, the 6″ DPNs from Knitters Pride, or the 8″ Flexi-Flips from Addi

Christmas Wreath, Holly & Mistletoe

There are a lot of wreath patterns out there, for all seasons and occasions, but I just kind of enjoyed this one because it’s so leafy – I love the idea of using different shades of greens and different textures of yarn to recreate a natural abundance.

Yarn Options


Little Tanenbaum

This must be one of the easiest patterns goings …. a simple tree ornament. This pattern is great for less experienced knitters … that pattern PDF even has links to video tutorials for the skills.


Crochet Christmas Tree

This adorable little tree is a simple crochet (only chain and single crochet are used), and it comes with a free video tutorial to walk you through it! Make one, make a forest, and decorate them with little beads for ornaments or leave them in their natural state.

Yarn Options


Never Not Gnoming

Gnomes can be knit mini (ornament) sized with fingering weight yarn, or start upsizing with a thicker yarn and make yours a super-gnome! Whatever you choose will be marvelous …. you’ll never stock gnoming! Go down approximately 1 mm from the recommended needle size to get a tight tension.


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