RETURN OF SIT ‘n KNIT & THANK YOU For the Great Swap!

I just wanted to drop you a quick line and thank everyone who contributed and came out for our first yarn swap that took place last Saturday! It was the first since COVID and it went so smoothly and was such a joy to host, I’m very, very grateful. Many thanks to my friends who helped me out before, during, and after the swap – it is MUCH appreciated. It went well enough, in fact, that I’m announcing the resumption of Sit ‘n Knit (see below).

We raised over $400 for the Red Door Family Shelter, and I know they sincerely appreciate it because in the past they have called me and thanked me in the past. I also know that it will make a difference, especially since federal funding is being cut to women’s shelters across the country.

We also repatriated a lot of yarn – I can’t keep track of what comes and goes among swap attendees, but afterwards we sent 5 large garbage bags of yarn to Street Knit, and another two bags (plus needles, books & magazines) are going to the textile arts students at Northern Secondary School. I’m pretty sure a decent amount also went to a new charity group who are knitting for the city’s women’s shelters.

If you missed the swap but still have yarn that you want to get out of your house you are always welcome to drop it off at the store in a sealed plastic bag during store hours.

The Return of Sit ‘n Knit

Sit ‘n Knit Resumes this Saturday April 29, 2023

Sit & Knit is a social knitting group. We gather and chat while we knit and/or crochet. Sit & Knit is FREE and you can just drop in and join us. You don’t have to bring anything other than yourself and your knitting/crochet (or you can purchase a project here). 

If possible, we request anyone attending our social events please refrain from wearing perfume and bringing foods containing peanuts, as they are common allergens (there is currently no eating in the store).

When: Saturdays from 1pm to 4pm 

MASKS: To ensure everyone’s health, all people in the store are expected to wear a medical mask at all times. If you don’t have one that’s fine, we have lots and are happy to give you one!

NOTE: Sit & Knit is strictly a social event, and instruction is not offered as part of the event. If you need help with your project please call us at 416-653-7849, we will assess your needs and make and make an appointment for you to come in for help or if it is more appropriate for a private lesson (or you can book online). You can read more about our free and paid services HERE.

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