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PROJECT Mega Rib Hat

Mega Rib

I’m so sorry you haven’t heard from me a few days, you guys have been keeping me very busy in the store! I did manage to get a quickie off the needles this week – check out my Mega Rib! I managed to knit up this beanie in a single night – does that make it a one night stand? It;s definitely last-minute-giftable! It was quick & easy, I used one skein of Fleece Artist Merino Stream and 8mm/US11 needles. This yarn was a bit thinner than the one specified in the pattern, but I think it still works. The hat would also look good made according to the pattern’s directions with Cascade Spuntaneous (a super soft, single ply merino wool). Oh, and I forgot, the pattern is a freebie!


  • I used 8mm/US11 needles and the tension was comfortable a bit loose for a Canadian winter. Use 7mm/US10.75 needles for a denser tension.
  • I cast on 48 stitches, it fits an Adult medium. For an adult large cast on 51 sts, for a small cast on 45 sts.



Mini Hack

When you cast on with a different number of stitches, a different stitch pattern or a different size needle this changes the tension and the colours may pool differently. 


Fleec Aritst Merino Stream Amelia Hat 1


As a run-up to the holidays, I’ll be sharing lots of smaller projects that make great handmade gifts. Liane whipped up this cute beanie (which is a free pattern) on 9mm/US13 needles in like a day, and I think it turned out great! We used Fleece Artist Merino Stream, a super soft, super bulky weight single ply merino wool that hails from Nova Scotia.

The pattern is the Amelia Slouch Beanie, and it’s a freebie, which is always sweet. We made some modifications because it just feels wrong to cut corners. If you aren’t already familiar with the ins & outs of ribbing, 2×2 ribbing (k2, p2) is looser than stocking stitch and is usually worked on a needle 1mm smaller than normal.


  • We cast on 44 sts on 8mm/US11 needles and worked ribbing according to the pattern.
  • We increased 1 stitch after the ribbing (for a total of45 sts) and went up to a 9mm/US13 needles.


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Fleec Aritst Merino Stream Amelia Hat 2

RESTOCKED Fleece Artist Merino Stream

Fleece Artist Merino Stream Main BLOG 1

Fleece Artist Merino Steam

Restocked for the Fall season, Fleece Artist Merino Stream is perfect for all the cuddly clothes you want to knit fast and snuggle into. It’s a bulky weight (knits on 9mm/US13 needles), stunningly super soft single ply, hand dyed merino wool that’s great for anything you want to touch skin. One skein makes a hat, neckwarmer or pair of mitts (see our Burly Mitts project), two are enough for a scarf or infinity scarf, 4 to 5 for a shawl or wrap, 6+ for a sweater, 10 for a throw blanket. Plus, Fleece Artist Merino Stream is made right here in Canada!

  • 100% Merino (superwash)
  • 125g – 70m (76yds)
  • 9mm/US13 needles
  • Hand wash, lay flat to dry
  • Made in Canada
  • See pattern ideas

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