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New Soak Boxes & Handmaid have Arrived!

Soak Boxes  $49.97
The awesome new Soak Boxes have arrived!  Each Soakbox includes:
  • 1 skein of custom hand-dyed yarn by Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sport 
  • A unique Fiona Ellis pattern for fingerless gloves   
  • Essie nail polish (matching the yarn)
  • 90ml bottle of new Soak Handmaid luxury hand cream
  • 90ml bottle of Soak in the same scent as the hand cream (new airport-security friendly size) 
You have a choice of 4 colours/scent combinations and different patterns:
  • Red: Soak Celebration, pattern Clark Cable, Essie Poor Lil Rich Girl
  • Taupe: Soak Lacey, pattern Double Pointe Pink, & Essie Mink Muffs
  • Pink: Soak Unscented, pattern Cuff Au Lait, & Essie Prima Ballerina
  • Teal: Soak Aquae, pattern Lace Kelley, & Essie Going Incognito
Your opinion counts! Please take our online survey and tell us which is your favourite Soak Box?  

Soak Handmaid  $9.97
We also have the hand cream that inspired the Soak Boxes! Handmaid is a luxury hand cream from the experts at Soak Wash. Enriched with shea butter, olive oil and vitamins A & E, Handmaid rejuvenates skin and protects overworked hands. The directions are simple: apply sparingly, rub thoroughly, get back to it. Handmaid is designed for knitters, crafters and busy folks who work and play with their hands, and comes in all your favorite Soak scents (Aquae, Lacey, Celebration and Unscented).   

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Instant Gratification Holiday Gifts – Free Quick Fingerless Mitts & Gloves!

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