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NEW Artisanal Maple Shawl Sticks

nature's wonders maple leaf shawl pins.png

In honour of Canada’s 150th birthday, we’ve acquired Nature’s Wonders Maple Leaf Shawl Pins/Sweater Sticks. These gorgeous accoutrements are hand carved by a local artisan (Gary) using local (Ontario), salvaged wood. We ordered them especially in a darker wood so you can wear yours all year. We also carry Squiggle Sticks (see below), which are especially good at holding recalcitrant garments in place.

Sweater sticks and shawl pins serve to hold a garment closed or in place, and are an elegant way to fasten cardigans that don’t have buttons, shawls, wraps, scarves, etc. They are also extremely good at holding long hair in a bun.

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NEW JUL Designs Closures


People often ask me if opening new shipments is exciting, and usually the answer is no (sorry, maybe I should make unboxing videos), but this box was different, this box was like CHRISTMAS. I’ve been in love with the products from JUL Designs for ages, and finally being able to carry them in the store is extremely exciting.

JUL Designs primarily makes closures for knits, especially hand knits. They are beautifully crafted, extremely high quality products. They’re so beautiful, elegant, and cool that I think of them as jewellery. They’re wonderful for dressing up a piece that needs a little edge, and practical – all the closures are fully functional. There’s absolutely no sewing involved, they’re easy and simple to attach and remove.



Photos: JUL Designs

JUL has also designed some really cook patterns, which you can find HERE.

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Photos: JUL Designs


Photos: JUL Designs

Locavore Sweater/Shawl Pins

‘Locavore’ Sweater/Shawl Pins – $38.50

These sweater/shawl pins are stunning, and the ethical consumer in you will love them too!  They are hand made by a Southern Ontario artisan from 100% domestic woods, which are usually salvaged. They come in 5 natural shades, varying from white/birch to the dark you see above. You can wear the stick alone or with the round thingy, and the stick is just pointy enough, so it won’t ruin your knits. They’re beautiful, sustainable, and ethical!

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