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New FREE Pattern: Alpaca Slouchies

So we got some new yarns, and they’re super yummy but they’re off-brand (the distributor brands sells them under their own brand), so I knit up some samples to show you what they can do, wrote some patterns, and Ta-Da!

Estelle Big Alpaca Bulky Hat 2

Grey (1.75 sts/inch)

Estelle Big Alpaca Bulky Hat 1

Grey (1.75 sts/inch)

Slouchy Alpaca Hat: Grey (1.75 sts/inch)

This hat uses Estelle Big Alpaca Bulky, which is kind of like a super soft and cuddly version of the very popular Cascade Magnum. People always say they love magnum, but wish it was softer, so when Big Alpaca Bulky crossed my threshold I knew it was PERFECT! And yes, we sell the pompoms too!


big alpaca hat bulky 2

Blue (2.5 sts/inch)

big alpaca hat bulky

Blue (2.5 sts/inch)

Slouchy Alpaca Hat: Blue (2.5 sts/inch)

I love alpaca, but always wish it was thicker. Ask and ye shall receive!  Estelle Alpaca 60 knits up on an 8mm to 10mm needle (US11 to 15) for quick & dirty (figuratively) luxury. And it’s off-brand, so it’s a good value too. And we sell the pompoms too!