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New FREE Pattern: Alpaca Slouchies

So we got some new yarns, and they’re super yummy but they’re off-brand (the distributor brands sells them under their own brand), so I knit up some samples to show you what they can do, wrote some patterns, and Ta-Da!

Estelle Big Alpaca Bulky Hat 2

Grey (1.75 sts/inch)

Estelle Big Alpaca Bulky Hat 1

Grey (1.75 sts/inch)

Slouchy Alpaca Hat: Grey (1.75 sts/inch)

This hat uses Estelle Big Alpaca Bulky, which is kind of like a super soft and cuddly version of the very popular Cascade Magnum. People always say they love magnum, but wish it was softer, so when Big Alpaca Bulky crossed my threshold I knew it was PERFECT! And yes, we sell the pompoms too!


big alpaca hat bulky 2

Blue (2.5 sts/inch)

big alpaca hat bulky

Blue (2.5 sts/inch)

Slouchy Alpaca Hat: Blue (2.5 sts/inch)

I love alpaca, but always wish it was thicker. Ask and ye shall receive!  Estelle Alpaca 60 knits up on an 8mm to 10mm needle (US11 to 15) for quick & dirty (figuratively) luxury. And it’s off-brand, so it’s a good value too. And we sell the pompoms too!

A Tale of Two Hats

Two finished store projects …..

Berroco North Star hat pink pompom 2

Berroco North Star hat pink pompom BLOG 1


I love Berroco North Star, it’s so super soft and lofty for an alpaca yarn!  It doesn’t seem to have quite as much drape as other bulky weight alpaca’s we’ve used, so hopefully over time the hat will keep it’s shape better (I trust you Berroco).

Rowan Cocoon Hat Pink BLOG 2

Rowan Cocoon Hat Pink BLOG 1

I’d been itching to make this hat for a while, and it turned out amazing! Of course, using the prescribed yarn sometimes makes a difference, especially if the yarn has unique qualities. I really liked using the Rowan Cocoon for an accessory, and I have a feeling it will work up beautifully in a larger garment.


Freebie (Aug 22 to Aug 31)

hat1_medium2 hat2_medium2

Horizons Hat

I just ran across this great little pattern, Horizons Hat, and it’s FREE until August 31st! I think it’s a very pretty and very clever way to use up stashed Lace weight yarn (or an excuse to buy more, whatever, it’s all good!). I’m going to make it using the leftovers from my Silkpaca Ombre Cowl.

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