New Year Stash Busters!

This project is easy, fast, and will use up ALL of your miscellaneous stash yarn. It is made with a basic Tunisian Crochet technique, but don’t let that put you off because it’s really easy, fun, fast, and anyone can learn it. You can take a class with us in store (private or project class), take an amazing online class from Craftsy (presently on sale for $14.99!), or teach yourself via Free Tutorials from Stitch Diva. For this blanket you only need to learn the base row, tunisian simple stitch, changing colours, 3 colour tunisian, and binding off – basically a beginner class. You do not need to know how to crochet to learn Tunisian crochet. 

A great project for using up smaller leftovers. Combine similar weights and fibres (worsted with worsted, bulky with bulky, animal fibres vs plant fibres).  I think this ribbing/colour combo would also be a great technique to use to make a simple pillow cover, especially with Noro yarns. 
  • Pattern available on Ravelry for about $3.50 CAD
  • 16″ circular & double pointed needles (6mm for bulky, 4.5mm for worsted)
  • bulky weight yarn, but you can sub worsted and cast on more stitches.

This project is a great opportunity to experiment and play with texture and colour. Yarns can be any thickness, texture or fibre. To get an effect like the picture above, choose base colours (hues) which are harmonious (blend well together) plus a contrast colour. For example, greens + teal blues, blues + purples, oranges + reds, reds + dark pinks, oranges + yellows, oranges + browns. You can also choose yarns that are all from the same base colour. In the example above the designer has chosen colours which are in the same colour family, orange, but vary in their value (relative darkness or lightness), plus a light beige for contrast.  They have also played around with the value of the colours, putting dark colours next to light/bright colours, which creates contrast and makes the colours ‘pop’. 
  • FREE pattern via Ravelry
  • 8mm-29″ (or longer) circular needle
  • bits of yarn in an appealing palette, size doesn’t matter

  • pattern available via Ravelry, individually or as part of the ebook Color by Number, or the MEGA ebook Coloring Book
  • Any yarn of any weight
  • needle size appropriate for yarn
If you don’t have the stash but you want to make the blanket any of the following would work beautifully:

  • pattern available via Ravelry, individually or as part of the MEGA ebook Coloring Book
  • Any yarn of same weight, as many colours as you like
  • size appropriate for yarn

This project can be a great stash buster if you’ve got a big pile of yarn that’s a similar weight and fibre. I I doubt its a quickie, but it is definitely a beauty.  It can be downsized to make a stunning baby blanket too!

This scarf is a great way to use up little bits & bobs of yarn that’s the same weight. The pattern stitch, linen stitch, is a dense one so increase your normal needle size about 1mm & check your tension
  • FREE pattern via Ravelry
  • fingering weight yarn, but you can sub sport or worsted
  • 4mm-36″ circular needles (or size appropriate for yarn)

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