Finished Cable Cowl FREE Pattern

Rowan Cocoon cable braid cowl 5

Cable Cowl

Finally finished AND photographed – our Cable Cowl made with Rowan Cocoon and it worked out beautifully! The yarn has a lot of air in it and spreads out beautifully on the larger needles. Plus, the finished product has a light, plush halo effect. Definitely giftable.

We used two skeins and followed the pattern, but I think it would work out nicely if it was 5 inches longer (you’ll need an extra skein, we used all of the yarn). It would also be cool if it was wider! If you plan to seam or graft the ends together you probably won’t need an extra skein.

The pattern does not include instructions for making button holes, but I’m not really a fan of them anyway (they always get stretched out). We sewed on some snaps and then sewed the buttons on on top.


Rowan Cocoon cable braid cowl 1

Cable Cowl

Rowan Cocoon cable braid cowl 2