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FREEBIE & HACKS Noro Stripe Scarf

Noro Kureopatora Stripe Scarf Pink 2.jpg

Noro Striped Scarf

I’m very pleased with myself, I just finished a Noro Striped Scarf, an unfinished project that languished throughout the summer. A Noro scarf is a simple & effective project when your knitting mojo is feeling a bit below base-line.

I used two skeins of Noro Kureopatora, but the pattern was originally designed and looks gorgeous made with Noro Silk Garden. You can use two different colourways, or use the same colour starting at different parts of the colourway.

Yarn Options


Noro Kureopatora Stripe Scarf Pink.jpg

Noro Hacks

  • Noro Kureopatora and Silk Garden are both feltable, so you can join two strands with a “Spit Splice” … less ends to weave in!
  • Noro Silk Garden blooms beautifully when knitted at a looser tension. Try going up a needle size, avoid a dense tension, and you’ll receive a treat! There’s a side benefit too – your yarn will go farther!
  • Both Kureopatora and Silk Garden enjoy a bath at the end of your project, blocking them in Eucalan or Soak to soften them up and let them bloom!
  • Sometimes the colours in your two skeins might get to a point where they blend together a bit too much and your stripes look less defined. When this happens I cut one of the yarns and skip ahead in the colourway to the next point where the contrast returns.
  • It’s ok to edit your Noro palette. If you come to a colour that doesn’t work, you don’t like, or there’s just too much of it, feel free to cut it and skip ahead.

FREEBIE Gorgas Run Scarf

Gorgas Run Scarf

This FREE pattern scarf combines a number of qualities that make me really, really happy:

  1. The knit is fairly simple, but not too boring. Beginners can learn a new skill, more established knitters can easily do it while watching TV.
  2. It offers an opportunity to play around with colour in a simple, uncomplicated way.
  3. It’s not a bad way to use up a skein or two of skinny stash yarns.
  4. It makes a great gift that will be well received (that time of year is right around the corner).
  5. It’s easy to swap out and substitute yarns.

Yarn Options

Any fingering weight yarn will work, but I think Gorgas Run would be especially EXQUISITE made with Malabrigo Lace Baby Merino  (it’s a single ply merino yarn that knits well with two strands together, and the skeins are very affordable). The pattern is made with Semi-solid coloured yarn, but you can mix it up and use variegated colours if you want some drama.

Malabrigo Lace Baby Merino: 1 skein in each of 4 colours (swatch for a tension you like)

Manos Alegria: 1 skein in each of 4 colours

Cascade Heritage: 1 skein in each of 4 colours

Madeline Tosh Merino Light: 1 skein in each of 4 colours

Mineville Merino Sock: 1 skein in each of 4 colours



  • Yarn is held double throughout.
  • Use Colors A & D for your gauge swatch. You will need the entirety of Colors B & C for your project, but will have approx. 30g each of A & D leftover.

FREEBIE & NEW Colours Manos Alegria

Manos Alegria COMBO NEW COLOURS.png

Manos Alegria A2198 Estancia

Manos Del Uruguay Alegria

Manos del Uruguay Alegria is an amazing sock yarn made from an easy-care blend of ultra-soft superwash merino with durable polyamide.  Its “hand” is remarkably soft and resilient, and the bright, playful colorways would make exciting baby projects as well as socks.

  • 75% superwash merino, 25% polyamide
  • 100g/425m (445yds)
  • Fingering/Sock weight
  • 2.25 to 3mm (US1 to 3) needles
  • Gauge 28 – 30 sts = 4″/10cm
  • Machine wash in cool water, lay flat to dry
  • Made in Uruguay
  • Pattern Ideas

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Sage Smudging Scarf

This pretty lace scarf would look gorgeous in any colour (aqua, muted pink, natural, whatever) – but how cool would it be in neon pink? Just a thought ….


FREEBIE Wavy Scarf

handmaiden silken wavy scarf 1

Wavy Scarf

Handmaiden’s Wavy Scarf is a fast & easy one skein project for the spring! Indulge in a skein of luscious Handmaiden Silken – no regrets with this little project.


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handmaiden silken wavy scarf COMBO 4

handmaiden silken wavy scarf COMBO 2

handmaiden silken wavy scarf COMBO

FREEBIE Lace Ribbon Scarf


lace ribbon scarf 1

Photo: Veronik Avery/


Lace Ribbon Scarf

I love this simple lace scarf, it’s so pretty and uncomplicated! As with scarves, needle size isn’t super important,  just make sure your needle size matches your yarn.

Yarn Options


  • FREE Pattern
  • 3.25mm/US3 needles (or appropriate size for your yarn)
  • tapestry/darning needle



FREEBIE Norse Scarf/Wrap


Norse Scarf

This oversized, cosy and cocooning accessory features beautiful texture and cable detail. It’s knit in chunky weight yarn, try Malabrigo MechaBerroco Vintage Chunky, or Cascade Eco.


Completed scarf measures 51.5cm/20.5″ wide and 220cm/86.5″ long

Optional Modifications

Note the size of this ‘scarf’ is LARGE – it’s 20.5″/51.5cm wide (a standard scarf is usually about 6″/15cm wide and 72″/180cm long). If you want to make yours smaller or larger (to make it as a wrap) you can alter the width in increments of the pattern repeat: 14 stitches at the cast-on (before the transitional increase on R8) or 19 stitches in cable pattern (after the increase on R8). 19 stitches in the cable patterns should equal approximately 4″/10cm”:

  • Cast on 105 sts = approx 28.5″/57cm wide (6 pattern repeats)
  • Cast on 91 sts =approx 24.5″/61cm wide (5 pattern repeats)
  • Cast on 77 sts = approx 20.5″/51.5cm wide (4 pattern repeats)
  • Cast on 63 sts =approx 16.5″/41cm wide (3 pattern repeats)
  • Cast on 49 sts = approx 12.5″/31cm wide (2 pattern repeats)
  • Cast on 35 sts = approx 8.5″/21cm wide (1 pattern repeat)

Each pattern repeat represents about 19% of the total amount of yarn required (about 228m/250yds).

Yarn Options

Amounts are based on the optional modifications above. The largest quantity is for the original size written in the pattern.

1(2, 3, 4) pattern repeats:

Malabrigo Mecha: 5(7, 9, 10) skeins

Berroco Vintage Chunky: 4(6, 8, 10) skeins

Cascade Eco: 2(2, 3, 3) skeins


  • FREE Pattern
  • 6mm/US10 needles (straight or circular)
  • cable needle


Noro Silk Garden DISPLAY BLOG

Noro Silk Garden COMBO BLOG

Noro Silk Garden

Noro Silk Garden is a perennial favourite – it’s a self-striping, long colourway with subtle colour gradations that always keep you interested. The texture is also equally enchanting – it’s a single ply with a little bit of halo. I think colours 437 & 436 would make a gorgeous Noro Striped Scarf!

  • 45% Silk, 45% Mohair, 10% Lambs Wool
  • 50g/100m (109yds)
  • Worsted Weight
  • 4.5mm needles
  • 18 sts + 24 rows = 4″/10cm
  • Single ply
  • Self-striping, long colourway
  • Made in Japan
  • Pattern Ideas


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Noro Silk Garden Ronbiais COMBO

Photos: Elisabeth Brassard



Noro Silk Garden Top Down Raglan COMBO

Photos: siruveru

Top-Down Raglan Cardigan


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Noro Silk Garden COMBO BLOG FB