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NEW One-Skein Clapo-Ktus Wrap/Scarf

clapo-ktus shawl/wrap in handmaiden flyss

Clapo-Ktus Wrap

I just finished this Clapo-Ktus wrap and it came out beautifully! I was itching to work with some of the Handmaiden Flyss on our shelves, a Canadian hand-dyed blend of Silk and Linen, and I was looking for a one-skein project that wouldn’t take too long and would show off the textile – I think totally NAILED IT.

The Pattern

Clapo-Ktus (terrible name, but the pattern is free) is actually a combination of two popular patterns, the Clapotis scarf/wrap, which involves dropped stitches, and the Baktus scarf, which is knit from side to side. The dropped stitches are gorgeous and make great use of the yarn’s natural drape (linen and silk are both fibres that are ALL drape, and have zero body). The Baktus part of the design give it a triangular shape, and allows you to use exactly as much yarn as you have on hand (hence a one-skein project).

The Finished Product

I wasn’t initially sure the one skein would be enough, but as I dropped the stitches it expanded beautifully, and after blocking it was magnificent. If you are interested, I would definitely also recommend making a Clapotis with this yarn, it would be a stunner! I originally envisioned this project as a wrap for the spring and summer, and I think it will hold it’s own in this department, but when it was finished and I tried it on I actually ADORED wearing it as a spring scarf. The fabric isn’t heavy or dense, and the textile is soft but has just enough texture to make it interesting. The Handmaiden Flyss is definitely knit-worthy, I’d like to make a sweater with it next!

Just one caveat – I ended up with these weird open stitches on one side, where the dropped stitches were initially created (you can see them in the picture below with the hanger). I thought I followed the pattern, so I’m not sure what went wrong or how I ended up with this. With all the dropped stitches in the fabric I don’t think it’s a big deal or unsightly, but if you have any idea what I’ve done please leave a comment!

clapo-ktus shawl/wrap in handmaiden flyss


clapo-ktus shawl/wrap in handmaiden flyss
clapo-ktus shawl/wrap in handmaiden flyss
clapo-ktus shawl/wrap in handmaiden flyss

clapo-ktus shawl/wrap in handmaiden flyss

PROJECT Spring Quaker Yarn Stretcher

Quaker Yarn Stretcher

I loved out first version of the Quaker Yarn Stretcher that we made a second in a lighter, springier colour. We used the same yarn, one skein of Handmaiden Maiden Hair, but we tried some larger (7mm/US10.75) needles this time and got an even lighter, airier effect. It still makes a great, light-as-air scarf, but you can see in the pictures below it’s a perfect wrap for cool summer evenings and chilly wedding halls everywhere. Or just drape it on things around your hose and enjoy the prettiness all year (I seriously used to have a friend who did this – she used to art-direct her apartment long before blogging and the internet. Her for-display-only yarn basket was what got me into knitting).

The yarn, Handmaiden Maiden Hair, is just gorgeous, I absolutely adore working with it before, during, and after the project. Apparently you do to, so we have ordered more in some springier colours and it is on it’s way!


  • We accidentally changed the pattern and worked e rows of garter stitch instead of reverse-stocking stitch, but it isn’t highly noticeable (see modifications below)
  • I splurged and got myself a second set of Knitter’s Pride Knit Blockers, because I absolutely freakin’ LOVE THEM. Blocking the shawl was a dream with them, they are my favourite new thing.


  • R 1 to 12: Work Rows 1 to 12 as written in pattern
  • R13 to 18: Repeat Rows 1 & 6 three times


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FINISHED Quaker Yarn Stretcher

Handmaiden Maidenhair Quaker Stretcher BLOG 2Handmaiden Maidenhair Quaker Stretcher BLOG 1

Quaker Yarn Stretcher

I LOVE this project, the Quaker Yarn Stretcher was definitely a win. When I cast on I wasn’t sure if it was right for the yarn (Handmaiden Maiden Hair) but my intuition told me that it would work out, so I pushed on, and I’m glad I did. By the time I was ready to cast-off, I was wishing I had another ball – not because I thought the project needed to be larger, but because I was just enjoying it so much. The size is just right for a fall scarf. The fabric is light and airy; the silk in the yarn shows up as beautiful highlights of colour, and the kid mohair creates a soft, beautiful halo. If the Handmaiden Maiden Hair is a little out of your budget, or your skin is too sensitive for any type of mohair, try a skein or two of Malabrigo Lace Baby Merino on 4mm/US6 to 4.5mm/US7 needles (2 skeins if you want a larger size) – it’s 100% super soft merino wool and puffs up with a beautiful aura type halo effect.


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Handmaiden Maidenhair Quaker Stretcher COMBO

PROJECT Ranunculus



A client showed me this gorgeous, diaphinous top and I thought how great would it look knitted up with Handmaiden Flyss or Quince & Co Sparrow?! Both are sublime summer yarns; Flyss  is a soft, summery blend of % silk and 35% linen, and comes with lots of yardage, and Sparrow is 100% organic linen. And since it knits up on 6mm/US10 needles it will go FAST!


  • oversized for 32–36, 38, 40, 42, 44, 46, 48 Bust



Screen Shot 2018-07-05 at 3.39.38 PM


Sea Vines

Sea Vines is a pretty new pattern from Handmaiden yarn, made with their beautiful Handmaiden Flyss (ON SALE NOW). Flyss is a soft, summery blend of 65% silk and 35% linen, and comes with lots of yardage.  Both linen and silk are fibres that tend to grow so there will be extra drape and ease in your garment. As always, make a swatch first and see what the textile can do for you. Want a tank rather than a dress, no problem, just make it shorter. Handmaiden Flyss is made in Canada.


  • Small (Medium, Large)
  • Bust Circumference: 34(36, 38)”
  • Length: 23(24, 25)”


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sea vines combo.jpg



Screen Shot 2018-07-05 at 3.39.38 PM



My friend Reney brought this little number to my attention, and I’m super grateful she did because I think this tank is going to be a great addition to your summer wardrobe. It’s made with Handmaiden Flyss (ON SALE NOW), a soft, summery blend of 65% silk and 35% linen. Flyss also comes with lots of yardage, so if you’re an average size you’ll only need a couple skeins (if you’ve been blessed with a petite frame you only can get away with ONE). Both linen and silk are fibres that tend to grow so there will be extra drape and ease in your garment. As always, make a swatch first and see what the textile can do for you. Plus, Handmaiden is made in Canada.


  • Finished bust: 30 (34, 38¼, 42½, 46, 50, 53½)” or  76 (86, 97, 108, 117,127, 136) cm
  • To be worn with 0-5 cm/ 0-2” positive ease
  • Sample shown is in size 2 with approx 5 cm/ 2” positive ease on model


  • Handmaiden Flyss: 1 (1, 2, 2, 2, 2, 3) skeins ON SALE NOW
  • 3.25 mm/ US 3 needles (straight or circular)
  • 4.5 mm/US7  needles (for bind off)
  • 3 removable stitch markers
  • large stitch holder or waste yarn
  • tapestry Needle
  • Pattern Download

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FREEBIE Wavy Scarf

handmaiden silken wavy scarf 1

Wavy Scarf

Handmaiden’s Wavy Scarf is a fast & easy one skein project for the spring! Indulge in a skein of luscious Handmaiden Silken – no regrets with this little project.


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handmaiden silken wavy scarf COMBO 4

handmaiden silken wavy scarf COMBO 2

handmaiden silken wavy scarf COMBO

NEW Handmaiden Silken

Handmaiden Silken DISPLAY.png

Handmaiden Silken

Handmaiden Silken is one of the best silks around! It’s a 100% silk yarn with an exceptional lustre and texture – it’s as smooth as it gets! It has a remarkable drape, and look outstanding can for lace or non-lace garments, and it will look outstanding either way. The yardage is also great; just one skein makes a Wavy Scarf, a Drop Stitch Scarf, or a Lace Ribbon Scarf, and two skeins make a Clapotis wrap (all FREE patterns).

  • 100% Silk
  • 100g-250m (273 yds)
  • 3.5mm/US4 needles
  • 24 sts + 4″ (10cm)
  • Hand wash
  • Made in Canada
  • Project Ideas

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Handmaiden Silken COMBO Blog.png

NEW HiKoo CoBaSi



HiKoo CoBaSi

HiKoo Cobasi is a completely WOOL-FREE sock yarn made from a cotton, bamboo and silk blend that also has a generous amount of elastic nylon to give them the stretch socks need. Soft and machine washable, it’s also great for baby projects and chemo caps. 2 skeins are enough for a pair of socks, 1 skein for ankle socks, a baby hat, or baby booties.

Cobasi is also available in Tonal and Multi colours.


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Hikoo Cobasi Projects BLOG.jpg

Top Row: Sun Spots, Blue Macaw (photo MySweetSabina)                                           Bottom Row: Tom and EthelWee Liesl (photo YarnFolkAnn), Two Tone Socks.

HiKoo Cobasi COMBO BLOG 2

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NEW Handmaiden Silk Rumple!

For your Spring & Summer textile pleasure, we’ve brought back an old favourite, Handmaiden Silk Rumple (also know as Swiss Mountain Silk Rumple). It’s made from 100% silk, has a silky sheen, and a light, nubbly texture that makes it easy to work with and a delight to look at and wear. The texture also lends a hand in a few other ways; it makes it easier to knit with (there’s more there for your needle to grab), and knits up beautifully on a broad selection of needle sizes, which means you can really stretch a skein! We made our Bias Shawl (below) with 7mm/US10.75 needles.

  • 100% silk
  • 100g/300m (328yds)
  • Suggest needle size 3mm/US3, but you can use up to a 7mm/US10.75 because of the texture
  • Hand dyed in Canada